Lay’s GUYDF Phase III – Launched the four finalist Co-Created flavours, a full fledged campaign was conceptualised by JWT Delhi. 

Lay’s, through its “Give Us Your Dillicious Flavour’, a mother of all consumer engagement programmes in India (remember Lay’s received 1.3 million FLAVOR IDEAS in the first phase, not mere votes but flavour ideas from Indians), mobilised Indians to participate in an opportunity to Co-Create the flavor they like on Lay’s. Four Finalist flavours were launched.

This TVC does announce the four finalist flavours by Lay’s, but the story, as you can see, is woven around ‘Empowered Junta’ as Lay’s understands that the real power, these days, lies in the hands of Commoners who are cultivating a Point of View, who want their voice/opinions to be heard & counted  …their overwhelming support, their biting/contemptuous remarks, their passion could create dramatic and unexpected swings in the fortunes…The Power of People can not be under-estimated. Lay’s, the Iconic brand, made Junta (Lay’s lovers, lovers of Potato chips in India) a part of this Co-Creation programme by urging them to TASTE the new four finalist flavours and CHAMPION their favourite flavour , CHOOSE N DECIDE the flavour that could stay on…..Lay’s captured the passion, the fear, the panic that people feel while saving their favourite flavour from vanishing….