As we all know, Lay’s ‘Give Us Your Dillicious Flavour’  with 1.3 Million+ new flavour ideas outperformed its big brother Walkers’  ’Do Us A Flavour’ in UK {within FRITO LAY Global network}.  Lay’s managed to pull off  laudable an achievment of mobilising a significant portion of  this billion+ population spread across multi-hued, multi-cultured, multi-linguistic complex network of regions and collected 1.3 million + flavour ideas, especially when the country is not as technologically evolved as UK, which is characterised by high levels of Internet penetration {while India, a relatively technologically challenging territory where conventional media like TV, Press etc still enjoy high penetration over Internet, Mobile technology which are predominantly consumed by youngsters}.

Flavour practicality, best slogan entry and flavour that fits well with Lay’s were the three criteria on which the entries were judged. Dr T S R Murali, director, R&D Food and Beverages, Pepsico India said, “Judging four out of 1.3 million entries is a colossal task but it doesn’t remain so when 1.3 million entries turn out to be as surprising. It is now for the consumers to decide what they like the most out of the four selected ones.”

“The overwhelming response to the unique Give Us Your Delicious Flavor campaign has enthused us. It not only is a reaffirmation of consumers’ growing faith in Frito-Lay but also an endorsement of the popularity of Lay’s potato chips. It is this faith that has driven us to constantly innovate ahead of the curve. Using this historic consumer engagement program we wish to take in to account our consumers’ tastes to create new products. I congratulate the four shortlisted c andidates and urge consumers to taste and vote and make their favourite flavour stay,” said Deepika Warrier, director – marketing, PepsiCo India (Frito-Lay India division).

Four flavours have been shortlisted from 1.3 million+ flavour ideas from consumers. Each of the entries that got shortlisted will get Rs 5 lakh, for their ideas. Commenting on new flavours, actor and Lay’s brand ambassador Saif Ali Khan said, “All four flavours are exceptionally dillicious. I am excited to know which blockbuster flavour finally gets the maximum consumer attention.”The four finalist flavours are  Shouvick’s Hip Hop Honey & Chilli, Mansi’s Cheesy Mexicana, Shipra’s Tangy Twist , Sagar’s Mastana Mango

Saif interviews Shouvik ,          




So try all four flavours and vote for your favourite flavour!  watch’Survival of the Tastiest’ TVC!