Well, we all know that Lay’s ‘Give Us Your DilLicious Flavour’, an innovative consumer engagement programme aimed at giving Indian consumers an opportunity to Co-Create the flavour they like on Lay’s and Of course become Rich n Famous, got off to a Scrumdiddlyumptious start. Lay’s received 1.3 Million New flavour ideas in the Phase I!  n that’s really huge!


Lay’s ‘Give Us Your Dillicious Flavour’ with 1.3 Million+ new flavour ideas outperformed its big brother Walkers’  ‘Do Us A Flavour’ in UK {within FRITO LAY Global network}. Some may view Lay’s achievement of 1.3 million+ flavour ideas from India, the second most populated country is not a huge thing, considering the large base that is immediately available for the brand to explore. Largeness of the base could be an advantage, but the complexity of the base should not be given a lighter nod. Lay’s managed to pull off  laudable an achievment of mobilising a significant portion of  this billion+ population spread across multi-hued, multi-cultured, multi-linguistic complex network of regions and collected 1.3 million + flavour ideas, especially when the country is not as technologically evolved as UK, which is characterised by high levels of Internet penetration {while India, a relatively technologically challenging territory where conventional media like TV, Press etc still enjoy high penetration over Internet, Mobile technology which are predominantly consumed by youngsters} 

Now, it’s time for the expert panel / panel of judges…who will carefully go through this incredibly & mind-bogglingly hugeeeeeeee collection of 1.3 Million+ flavour ideas and select Four Winning flavour ideas. It’s actually quite difficult to pick the four winners  out of  such an extensive collection of tempting and mouth-watering flavours,  each flavour idea is distinct with others with unique stories of inspiring food memories, tastes/preferences. And the panel of judges, while evaluating each flavour idea, also have to keep in mind the feasibility of a great sounding flavour idea on Potato Chips.

Therefore, all you guys just have to be a little patient …Lay’s will come back to Indian Consumers with the four short-listed winner flavor ideas in April 2010. 

Keep Facebooking. Keep Twittering. Keep enjoying Bollywood Blockbusters with your gangs & bags of Lay’s chips in your hand. Keep flirting with others in the street. Keep bitching about those who annoyed you. Keep criticizing about the never-ending boring serials on the tube. Keep Uploading your favourite Music videos to YouTube. Keep praying for Our Tigers & cute little cubs in the jungles. Keep ripping apart all the junk that you come across. Keep having motorbike races outside the campus. Keep praying for the Inflation to come down & the monsoons to touch our wonderful land….Keep refreshing your Facebook status, your mobile phones, your fashion etc etc…Keep fighting with your younger brother or sister…Keep guessing which flavour idea will get selected…

And STAY TUNED to Lay’s GUYDF  and GetDilliciouswithLays! Your favourite brand Lay’s would soon announce the four shortlisted Consumer ideated flavours and then launch them in the market {your flavour idea could be one of them} so that everyone could Taste n Vote for his/her favourite new flavour.