Phir Mile …torture 1 , Phir Mile…torture 2

well, this is the modern, progressive, yuppy, …torturously long blah blah version of the Epic, the Soul-Stirring Original Classic  …you want to get your sanity back, do watch the epic {the Original given below}!, an intimate and earthy musical montage on the rich and unparalleled cultural diversity of India through larger than life orchestration of the folk and classical heritage of each region, represented by classical and graceful luminaries, inspiring performers and commoners – the boatman on the Hooghly, the mahut on his elephant, ….and the ultimate tribute being paid by our dearest lady Lata Mangeshkar, India’s nightingale who integrates kaleidoscopic range of cultures and subcultures in India.

A captivating melodious anthem-like Iconic musical montage leaves us ‘Goosebumped’, pulls that magical deep sense of belonging to India, of being an Indian, out of our tired, jaded mundane systems {which usually are stuck with personal ambitions, pursuits and everyday priorities), stirs up the ‘idle or unused or unattended or unfelt’  passion in us for our motherland, and pumps up adequate supply of energy to make our hearts beat faster for the country, … every time, without fail!  

Cut back to 2010’s disenchantingly disgraceful ‘Excessively Bollywoodised’ flight of fancy (the first YouTube video), which could easily be termed as a reckless/mindless conspiracy against the classic, a parody of the classic, because of its heavy doses of Bollywood, its families, brainless dudes in non-ethnic attire, with their faces frozen in thick layers of ludicrous melodrama and their arms wide open against the blue skies..can we afford to forget the babes-n- nymphets in predictable poses with their endless limbs locked in some awkward angle and plastic smiles plastered all over their clueless faces, swaying their heads like some directionless vines in harsh winds…n of course, we have  married n fading whatever* stars {who push around anti-ageing range} flaunting their excessively celebrated blahs…? are not we tired of watching these all-pervasive mindlessly numbing red-carpet n limelight hungry Bollywood gangs who represented India, one of the BRIC economies…wonder, where are those ICONS n elegant personalities who are making {working towards} India an emerging economy n a force that cant be ignored…where is the representation of the spirit that challenges the status quo? where is the representation of relentless burning fire of youthful aspirations and  mindset? where is the representation of our country’s unifying thought/religion,i.e. Cricket, where is the representation of our National sport, Hockey, where is the glimpse of  Tigers, Elephants, woh bacha kucha green space …have these folks spent some time at the banks of the rivers, which are flowing despite being harassed, polluted by humans or being haunted by draught…have they spent some time thinking n constructing the vividness of modern India? why did they restrict their thinking (limited) to Bollywood and a few gullies here n there? 

This, indeed, is a chaotic version of the rich classic ‘Mile Sur…’ a fabulously mastercrafted tale that celebrated national integration and unity in diversity.

This damn thing of 2010 left me feeling sick, nonchalant, uninspired, tortured {cause this abominable abberation is potent enough to destroy the memorable elements of the Original piece}, disconnected, bored …dude, yet another blah blah that has some zombies faking something that’s difficult to grasp! You do not FEEL  for this fake thing, you do not FEEL CONNECT with this fake thing, you do not EMPATHIZE with this damn thing …why, you know? the epic, the real classic has ICONS melting into the spirit of India, while this fake thing has everyone trying/pushing to show their Individual aura {if they have any, perhaps I should use a basic term like imagery}/tendency/highly annoying trademarkish bodily distortions/**#$$$@@@…. 

Certain degree of relief, certain sense of depth came to me because of Juhi, Elegant Shobhana, Kavita Krishnamurthy and her husband, Olympic Champions (n those in the making), a few South Indian stars/celebrities reflecting the region’s sensibilities.

Click this link…’viewers feel the new Mile Sur Mera…has not done justice to national icons. Where are the fighters like Sourav Ganguly and Sachin Tendulkar? Where is our eminent scientist A.P.J Abdul Kalam? Where are our prize-winning authors? Is ‘Mile sur’ only for artistes? What is Deepika Padukone doing showing her legs. Sania Mirza should have been there. Where is Vishwanathan Anand, Leander Paes, Rajyavardhan Rathore?’

….Parts attached to Deepika, Ash-Abhi, Ranbir and SRK make no sense and are just forced into the video! well said! Some honest soul-searching is definitely required, to be embarked upon by the creators, conceptualisers and a majority of faces flaunted in this rendition. A quick browse through the Twitter streets and YouTube can lead you to the feverish pitch of criticism at this whatever piece of creation ….