Do not know how I stumbled upon this blog post by Abodh….but I stayed n lingered over it for some time. It’s, indeed, a delight for a canine lover and I fell in love with this cute tan brown chap who seemed curious about the strange device & the stranger stopped at him. And of course, I cant ignore the white one in the background. I wish, the world puts its mad rush on hold for a few moments to engage with these dogs.  


The Welfare of Stray Dogs(WSD) has brought out the “Strays Of Mumbai” WSD Calendar 2010. This year, WSD has come out with ‘wall’ as well as ‘desk’ calendars. Both the calendars have a collection of photographs of street dogs that we come across in our daily commute through the city of Mumbai. Both the calendars have distinctly different photographs taken by WSD volunteer, Rohan Mukerjee


I simply loved this string of words….’Each dog has a unique character and some hidden quirks just like the people they live amongst….’ absoloutely true! I do not like them to be termed as Stray dogs, but prefer to view them as homeless inhabitants of this world, about who the world around does not even spend a few moments. These wonderful creatures come in different shapes, colour shades, a mix of cheerful and grumpy faces, healthy and wrinkled/diseases-rich skins, & are true survivors on Indian streets….they survive the harshest conditions/ way of life, which could make any living thing intensely bitter about its existence….


I watch them…everyday…going about their daily expeditions, all alone or with their gang, searching for pieces of food, fighting with their buddies playfully, at times running against the soft breeze, or indulging in territorial fights, struggling to cross the roads buzzing with maddening traffic, trying to extend their warm & friendly world to humans with a friendly wag of tail, staring at the world around with eyes rich with affection or deep inexplicable level of sadness or depression …I feed them whenever I could, love to befriend them (did a few in Bangalore & Mumbai)…and there are quite a few miserable incidents remained stuck with me, because of their tragic notes, i.e. the moments when I witnessed dogs meeting their death, unpredictable one, breathing the most painful last breath  – the dog crushed or torn into pieces or lying as a lump of dead meat, thanks to bloody, ruthless humans behind the nonsensical wheels of progression+inhumanity.



Do buy these calendars : “Strays Of Mumbai” WSD Calendar 2010, Proceeds from the sale of calendars go towards WSD’s sterilization and other programmes.