It’s because of them. Isn’t it?
You slam the receiver down, and wonder what to do next.
You close the door, sit down on the toilet with the seat lid lowered,

and give the floor a blank look for sometime. Or slam your fists   
against the walls until it hurts, fill yourself with some unknown rage,
familiar tears. It does not seem to help at all. You do not understand 
how cruel they can be. You do not understand any of this.

You sleep thinking of this “new acquisition”, which seems busy in
laying down a stone fence around your world. You wake up to see
stained cheeks, worn facial features, a fresh new wrinkle of sadness.

It’s because of them. Isn’t it?
You walk around as if you are in a bizzarish state of the union
with failure, a charming sight, so understated for them to steal
some glances from you when you are not paying much attention.     
You look so boring, some sensible dress hung down loose over  
the shoulders, which feel much lesser confident today. Your feet are   
frozen inside the carriage- the shoes. You do not understand any of this.

You are making friends with the bitch inside you, which barks hysterically, 
at those careless humiliations, casual dismissals, they make. It’s been done. 

The Damage. You are weary of them -People who come with words.

Yes, you are weary of them – People who come with words.  
Wearing no emotions. People who stitch a wretched soul out of you.
They do not settle for nothing less. They create stuff that pains most. 
They are in the business – Casual Dresses for Inhumans.

After thought : “Lessons on  How to be nice to others, how to be understanding towards others, need to be taken for such creatures in some class room. Admission is open to all age groups, both the sexes, old, old getting younger, young and young getting older. Kindness needs to be Advertised in & around the city – on the hoardings! such a wrecking influence, the world I work in and live about, has on me….”

{Link : Pink Floyd Or stay on as One more stunted mind}, someone who I write to these days, said something truly valid, ”People are being designed to maintain STATUS QUO in Organisations or Work places” .

Life’s all about – wooden benches, classes, stunted minds, Ants, Grasshoppers, Teachers’ pets, Bosses’s pets, Sleepers, and Coaches! A vicious circle is drawn with a renewed vigor ,time and again. Huh!