Maddening rat race of modern life is REAL. There’s no Escape. Each moment comes with a choice. EACH MOMENT IS LIKE “A GAME BETWEEN HEART AND HEAD”. Most times HEAD RULES OVER HEART.  What happens if you listen to your heart and let it win over your head for a change?   

Make things that matter to the heart happen!

We are not talking about those few big life-changing moments/decisions….but all those tiny unpredictable moments that come tucked in with everyday….

Loved every moment of this journey : Lay’s Repositioning Campaign by JWT India.  

Lay’s, a drool-worthy bag of irresistible tasting Potato Chips in subtle & sophisticated, exuberant flavours, still, continues to be the dominant favorite (Lovemark brand) in India, potent enough to put one in damn good and light-hearted moods. This Iconic brand felt the need to up/reinforce the appeal around its bags when certain parts of the country are slipping into this behavior of ‘counting no. of chips in a bag’. What do you truly appreciate – a few potato chips, carefully made with natural and healthier ingredients for that irresistible multi-sensorial journey / loaded experience or plenty of not so great tasting potato chips in the bag?

Be a little DilLogical – Make things that matter to the heart happen!Dilogical

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