Zoozoos, the adorable & hugroolworthy creations flaunting large egg shaped & button-eyed heads with highly animated mouths perched on stick like hands & legs, managing a roundish belly & waist, are the new light-hearted material for everyday & every moment interactions, off-work/at work in India. This new disruptive campaign from Vodafone, created by O&M, boasts 20+ renditions, with each Zoozoo commercial highlighting different features/services by the mobile service provider.

My favourite, at this moment, is  International Roaming, which effortlessly brushed past the last week’s  favourites Beauty tips, and Star of the Match,…..

& a few other beauties… Cricket alerts, Unwanted calls,

Chota credit, Stock alerts, Dating tips, Group SMS, Poke friends – Facebook on vodafone 

Voice SMS, Fashion Tips {awesome}, Recharge Anywhere

The official Fan Club on Facebook boasts 70,173 fans at this moment….{first week of May,2009}

*click the links!  and try to learn Zoozoo language, Kappameena, or whatever!