She said “Blow a kiss at the woman in the mirror, slip into soft cottons, grab a thin woolen coat, walk into the street to face life, smile at the sun, watch the leaves falling down to the ground, and let the breeze through your skirt….everyone is on his own, on her own…”

I am not here to seek glances of admiration from mortals from opposite dimensions or “loneliness-fillers” or men who are potent enough to redefine my existence through their marked presence in my life. I need what most of us need, what most of us deeply feel for – Crisp yet Bright conversations over the first cup of coffee, a few nagging telephonic conversations when I am amidst varied political hued or non political intellectual masturbations at work just to flaunt to the world that I do have someone in my life who appears to be helpless & clueless without me around, a few stolen kisses now & then, a few random rapid moves and then those introspective evening walks… I prefer men with truly sharp, unpredictable humor, that damn humor has to come and hit me real hard from any corner of the room. A man with a lethal presence of mind, assertive and clear-headed, a true-blue foodie who like a stubborn gourmet embarks upon many a kind of Gastronomic journeys….

well, how about  Jean-Claude Brialy in Godard’s “Une femme est une femme”? une_femme_est_une_femme12