Baka joined her gang

Baka joined her gang

The Dolls were an attitude. If nothing else they were a great attitude

{Johnny Thunders}





It feels good to be at home and reach out to the comforting familiarity as spread around by parents, the calm and uncluttered white-washed walls, and those tiny decorative pieces {collected thoughtfully and patiently by Munny}…0504200921341the world, all of a sudden, feels like a great place to live in, devoid of disturbing developments, and frustrating and depressing worldly conflicts of many a kind, i.e. a gunman killed as many as 13 people and took up to 4o people hostage in New York, a tiny country situated in East Asia defies the Big Boy in deep blues, the powerful head of which settled for a stiff shake with the gorgeous lady leaving her flustered {I loved his gesture, though}, a shocking glimpse of a teenage girl being flogged in front of the public……..


Anthony Bourdain, a Celebrity Chef, World Traveller, while capturing the true essence of Colombia in one of his programmes on Travel & Living, said,’ It’s the People that makes the place’.  In this particular episode on Colombia, his conversation with the local filmmaker (a young woman, who like many other youngsters, lost her loved ones during the internal conflicts of the country, sometime ago) revealed a few interesting points about what changed in the Colombian society in the recent times and who are the people who have changed the society for good? the society was ravaged by a decade-long violent conflict involving outlawed armed groups, drug cartels, etc. It’s the Younger generation that  moved out of the lethal and painful combination of ‘Ignorance and Guns’ to intensify its  interaction, consciously, with the local culture – music, culinary tradition, music, films etc. So true, the real power lies in us, we simple ordinary and regular folks, going beyond being mere victims burdened with a huge sense of loss or passive devices in a multitude of unpleasant events that are blooming across, and readjust our mental models to survive these tough times.