Jim Jarmusch’s Coffee and Cigarettes is a film shot in gorgeous black and white, with overhead shots of perfectly arranged cups and ashtrays set on a checker-pattern tablecloth, and is full of supple & masterfully orchestrated light hearted talk. It is a cool, languorously stylish collage like film {features who’s who of hipster icons} that jumps from one vignette to another to reach a relaxed and ruminative buzz : the negative health effects of Nicotine and Caffeine {coffee and cigarettes often seem to go hand in hand. The nicotine makes a cup of joe tastes even better}, Cousins so different in personality, lifestyles and aspirations – grungy loser and successful movie star indulging in some conversation punctuated often with a patch of silence, a waiter spouts theories on Evil twins to twins, Bill Murray chugging coffee straight from the pot, Renee French reading a guns-and ammo-magazine while  repeatedly getting disturbed by a clearly smitten waiter, Roberto Benigni & Wright playing a game of musical chairs while enjoying tiny cups of coffee, Treatise on Nikola Tesla’s theory of ‘Acoustic resonance’, Alfred Molina trying to bond with Steve Coogan who could be distantly related to him due to some incomprehensible family tree……..

yet to complete……