Kid, this is for you…       🙂

Without moving you recognize the smell, the gentle warmth of your world, the doors, the walls of your bedroom, a cluster of books lying in a corner of the bed, the stuffed doll arrived with your sister as a gift, which shares your dreams-or-tears-filled nights. It’s a quaint little world in which you brought in sea breeze that blows softly in the evenings, a patch of earth that’s leveled and covered with dark manure, hedges with grim expression and rose plants spreading exuberance.  You deceive the world where you work to sustain a presence and a point of view towards life, at times, with your absence, your calm demeanor, your unspoken and wholly private preferences for certain kind of films and books, for animals, flat shoes, anklets, diamond nose studs, flamboyantly crafted lehengas {long skirts}, table plants, creepers to cover the exterior walls of the house, the interiors painted in vibrant oranges and reds, rectangular shaped soft cushions, low furniture, patchwork rugs and subtle fragrances like Elizabeth Arden’s Beyond Paradise or flirtatious Burberry Evening or Isi miyake, a jar filled with Sunflowers. You deceive the world, there’s nothing wrong in that, as others, like you are preoccupied with their thoughts about their private worlds – how to make better and far more inviting and engaging. Those who know you, or heard of you, or who caught a glimpse of your laughter or a piece of conversation, or who borrowed a whiff of your fragrance while walking past you, love to peep at your  private world,  just the way you are drawn to a few other private worlds, say his world of oriental films, mystery-ridden adventures and adroitly prepared great tasting culture of foods. You do not hesitate to pinch certain threads now and then. You call it enriching your private world. Well, everyone does that, Nothing’s wrong in that act and you cant afford to keep yourself stuck onto the bliss of your private world. Sometimes you need to look around, the mountains, the trees, the objects, the lights are changing, are taking newer formats, the fogs are getting denser, the grass is getting thinner and dirtier. But you know that you have to offer a view of the life that is so different from others. And that’s why you are designed for. There’s something intoxicating about the winding road that climbs and descends to your private world and it is being built or re-crafted in a modest and confidential way so that it stands as a destination which is worthwhile a journey for others. People have to just imagine the life in your world, the woods around it, and sun-drenched mountains on the fringes. The drive to your private world should remain impeccable, enchanting and entertaining enough for people to stay in for a while. The journey to your private world should not be measured in kilometers, but in heart-beats and pieces of conversations.