{Link : feel the disruption Mumbai Terror Attacks}


Somewhere at the back of my mind, the horrible loss of lives in the terror attack is playing a surge of depression, my face wears a grim layer of sadness and grief which can not be captured in words, and an ambiguous cold anger swirls in & around me. I, like many who have been watching and reading about this massacre, feel DISORIENTED. One of my close friends, actually, reflected what I am feeling now, perhaps, this’s what everyone feels at this moment, more or less in the same  intensity, …….”Actually, I feel like crying, howling over the Mumbai massacre and get this heavy body of grief out of me”


An animal lover wrote to me, …”Yesterday, I was  watching NDTV News cubicle on Taj at around 7 AM of our time (probably 8.30 AM at Mumbai); the fire exchange was heavy and severe, the floors were reeling under intense fire. I saw a black dog barking, continuously, staring at the same direction from where the sounds were coming as well as the smoke. He, actually, was frightened with the sounds, yet he was conveying the message loud and clear. In fact, he came very near to the NDTV correspondent for human comfort. Later as you see all those commandos were taking their better halves at their work – Sniffer Dogs. They, sitting on the ground, were listening to their chief, just like their human counterparts, obediently and carefully. This footage should be sent to the MAYHEM CREATORS…..that look even an animal hates such discomforting and meaningless developments.


{Link : Anil Dharker writes…..Mumbai is a resilient city, much of its resilience coming from its cosmopolitan fibre: the industrious strain that comes from the people who have settled here from the South of India; the North Indians with their willingness to undertake the most menial of tasks cheerfully; the entrepreneurial Parsis and Marwaris who set up its cotton mills and industries; Gujarati traders and businessmen … All these came together to produce the DNA of Mumbai and its rubber ball-like ability to bounce back from wherever it was thrown. Yet on Wednesday night, that resilience has been tested like it’s never been tested before. Mumbai is not new to terrorist attacks: bombs have been placed in buildings, in trains, in the marketplace. These bombs have killed many people too. But the killings were random and the dead were, by and large, the men on the street……

This was reminiscent of the time when synchronised bombs had ripped apart Mumbai’s train service; before any official help could arrive on the scene, passengers devised their own rescue service, making taxis and auto rickshaws into temporary ambulances. That’s the spirit of Mumbai. And it will not be put down}