…..like all other human beings, you categorize all those people who you interact with, there are a few who you work with and maintain work relationships devoid of any emotional entanglement, and there are a few who you know and believe that they had accepted you the way you are designed to be and have been in your life for a quite few set of seasons [they are labeled as friends  and you tend to take them for granted just the way you behave with your sisters, guess, they do not worry about this much as they are almost like an extended family], and you always tried {as you are consciously secluding self from garrulous crowds and high energetic social butterflies} to keep someone under the category labeled as ‘High Energy and High Involvement”. In the recent times, you started interacting with this person, who has been giving you many variables so that you could design his image, his lifestyle, his entertainment and eating patterns, and you made him as your folklore – stories and poems, when you feel his absence, words just flow out of your fingers, effortlessly and when you are happy with his talk, your eyes gather a wonderful twinkle and feet become a bit too springy. Nothing’s wrong with that, as you know others feel the same. You talked about this person for a while to everyone who you met, who you shared the room with, your friends, your mom, over a cup of coffee, over breakfast, over a walk, and interestingly, whoever heard about him, like you, had fallen in love with him. You are not sure whether or not you are such a genuine and enthusiastic storyteller, or there’s some gravitational pull around this person, who you never ever had seen or would be seeing in this lifetime.


His image is made of the finest steel, around which a brash like attitude is worked out, and a tender heart breathes in life without a break. You wear his image, at times, when you are at the deadliest moment of life, to gain some courage, you play with it every night and in your dreams too. You walk wearing a cheerful face amidst crowds, subtly, declaring to the world that being single is the most precious attribute, being with yourself and going about life all by yourself is a beauty, why do people let themselves be emotionally dependent on others? But only a few know the secret behind this bliss around you. Everything seems fine, till this point. But you started expecting quite a bit from this interaction, and deep in your hearts, you know that you are not strong enough to live merely without that abstract form of life. You look up at the groups of birds circling in the sky around the towers, as part of their evening ritual and cry endlessly. You stare at the black dog sleeping next to a mop and bucket at the staircase, for long, and identify self with the loneliness wrapped around them. Perhaps, it’s time to realize that “Certain things and persons are not available” and it’s imperative for you to put down a simple declarative note for self, choosing the kind of words that you can understand, which allows to learn a fresh lesson on how not to cry at night, when you are back from your work, how to curtail the string of tears streaming down your cheeks, irrespective of the gathering you are part of. You are in great a pain and all those scheduled meetings to be held in the future within a deadline have to be cancelled. You should learn to stretch your face and arms to a cold wind blowing outside. {link :The world is preparing for a harsh winter and you should do the same, which would be difficult as your interaction with this person had begun in one of those winters.}