Quite interesting concept! and extravagant too! I came across this article {link : Up, Up and Away in the New York Times}….it reads “Some clients paid 100s of 1000s of dollars for their treehouses; most were around $70,000; many cost far less. The most extravagant projects demanded sites with multiple trees – “You want to be in the trees, not on top of them” ….One caveat for anyone considering life among the boughs : Treehouses move. A lot. Charley Greenwood, an engineer who supplies specialty parts for treehouses, lives full time in 700 sq feet 14 feet up in an Oregon evergreen grove.  He likens it to living on “a moored houseboat”. “You have to be comfortable with a certain amount of horizontal travel” is how he puts it.

This article felt like a refreshing respite from all those hideous looking representatives of an inescapable fervent rage that we witness or observe or drive past in all the four metros, mini metros and youthful satellite cities like Gurgaon etc in India : endless, never ending tall stories of glass structures inspired by Mathematics fundamentals rising their heads at maddening a pace amidst dusty and wholly choked up & distorted patches, we call them roads made of base materials of inferior quality. While humans long to go back to the lap of mother nature and draw immense comfort from the serenity that only trees and lakes could promise, at a premium, our tiny blissful fellow-creatures like birds (Sparrows, Parrots, tiny black birds which constantly circle around the shopping malls in Gurgaon – I don’t know their name etc) appear to be happy with their decision of shifting their wonderful nests / homes from the swinging tree branches to the groove tracks of the buildings made of concrete. Wonder, do these lovely birds feel displaced from their natural habitat by idiotic humans {doubtful, as they seem to have ignored the trees retained as a part of some nonsensical landscape} or feel extremely comfortable in their new concrete homes which are bound to give better shelter and protection from various elements? You should believe me, I could not stop admiring the sheer beauty of the nests/homes built or designed by this huge group of tiny black birds…these guys used thrown away pieces of wires, wads of cotton, bits and pieces of paper, a few branches etc etc… 




Watching the birds chirp on the trees is Out, watching them beam their musicals from the grooves/slots/ceilings of the buildings is the In-thing!