{Me conversing with the Sea, Worli-Sea Face and the patch of Fresh and Slender grass, indeed, is rejuvenating an event}  

Someone who I truly admired said to me “One need not discourage you. You are Self-discouraged”. Such words of evaluation do trouble everyone who can see self in my position. I am surprised at the ease with which an individual is evaluated and thrown at the door-step as “you are that kind…”, ”you are this kind…”, “you can never be…”,”you will die struggling against the intense loneliness you would eventually feel in a strange city”….”. such statements, usually, are flung at me by a few individuals who know me from either regular interaction or being part of my life for a few years, and I am not new to them. But the pain, every time, I feel, is new and fresh. I walk across to the stone which reads “Familiarity breeds contempt”, stare at it for a while and tell myself “Familiarity makes me vulnerable to others. I may have opened a tiny and allowable part of my world to a few individuals, which instantly puts them in a far more vantage position to either criticize me or diminish the positive energy in me. It’s relatively much an easier task for them to judge me over a recently developed situation in my life, and conclude me as one of those aforementioned kinds or types, without studying the external factors that would have led me to a glorified fall or a miscalculated move in my life. Why do we have to expect everything that we encounter in our lives to turn into something extremely pleasant, forward-journeying and a huge success? How can we lead our lives devoid of mistakes and failures? How can an individual solely be blamed for that unwanted or undesirable development or a stalemate in life? How can individuals, who I expected them to be relatively far more understanding and tolerating towards me than others, draw such conclusions about me, so effortlessly and spell doom for me? If I assume more or less similar quantity of familiarity exists between each one of them and me, then why am I not able to draw quick conclusions about them as well? Or is my life far from perfect, while theirs are near perfect, comfortable and consistent? …” One feels the need to get closer to the chosen few, so that they could taste a more soothing and splendid flavor of life. Is not it one of the basic needs nurtured by all of us? and how different it would be if it also engages in intense raw evaluation, where an individual stands naked, shivering a little with the soft yet cold breeze, eagerly waiting for a few words crammed with positive energy, oblivious to the fact that this microcosmic unique world that he/she is built, in real, reflects similar level of harshness of the external world, from which he/she escaped to breathe in some kind of respite?”

I could be a plain nonsense to all those who know me very closely and deeply, I could be someone who still has not achieved much, but I am glad that the most average, hardworking human beings, who seem to have adopted a disciplined approach to their lives, tolerating the regularity of existence every moment with a sense of calmness on their faces, relate themselves with me and love to hug me and cradle me with a few kind words that make me come alive.  A few other creatures do not have any problem in interacting with me, such as those dogs, who live on the streets, who have this admirable property of extending unconditional love to those humans who stop at them, willingly and enthusiastically, to tuck in some time and energy for them, who,







  {Crabby’s little friend, one of many dogs who stay by the sea} some time ago, had given them a pleasant-sounding name. The beauty of simple life terminates here. 

{Dogs by the sea side nestled in the softly-caressing Green horizon, the black dog,
at the moment of capture, was seen listening, intently,  to the musical performance by 
bunch of sparrows perched on a dried branch of a tree}