{Image : Anna Karina}

Lean back. Close your eyes. Be still.

I know you are as excited about this as he is.

Press your palms deep against the wall.

Watch him walking about the room restlessly.

He dressed carelessly and unaffectedly,

just the way you imagined him to be.

Crane your neck, strain your ears.

He is whispering something to you,

there is color in your cheeks, which

look even more soft and feminine.

You are asking for too much.

You are not that lucky to share his life.

Open your eyes, slowly and silently,

gather the last crumbs that fell down

from his lips. You find nothing,

a room naked and cold, with no trace

of movement, of any kind. And your palms

are still pressed hard against the wall.

Your hands feel empty just the way

your heart feels. God, you feel so

 dumb inside your skin, one more time . {Jyo}


I need  to let things happen just the way they are designed exclusively for me and I need to maintain an elegant silence while accepting them, even if they come to me as a delayed response from life. If things do not happen, I need to maintain a cheerful face thinking they were not meant for me at all. These things could be people too. It’s tough and I am  trying to figure out how exactly  one achieves this.