Year after year, the unpredictable nature of monsoon rains and pregnant rivers sweep away many villages, send many humble-looking mud houses into the earth. The heavy water-bodies do not even cringe a bit when they sweep away cattle and goats. The newspapers scream out about the ever increasing death toll every day, a few more numbers are added to the existing massive destruction. They give a dramatic title “The Nation stood clueless, The Political leaders stood defenceless…’. They also provide a few images of – both the victimised and the limelight gatherers, holding a wailing baby who has a biscuit in her hand.  The leading media house, which has recently won awards worldwide for being an impactful social activist, runs a campaign “Make a Difference” in the corner….it says

“Bihar is witnessing its worst flood in living memory. Many districts are under water, rendering 15 lakh people homeless. These people have lost not just their homes, but virtually everything”

XXXX appeals to its readers to donate generously to the Chief Minister Relief Fund. Contributions will qualify for tax exemption under 8OG(2) of the I-T Act…….you can also electronically send money into the account of “Chief Minister Relief Fund”, SBI A/c No……..”

I, like those many dwellers in the concrete-jungles, moved by such intense destruction {I can never blame the Mother Nature}, certainly do feel to be part of the momentum, but shamelessly feel helpless and discouraged as I contribute to such funds with an inexplicable sense of hesitation. Would my contribution reach the real victims, considering the unparalleled lineage and established credentials in Corruption and Bureaucracy that the country managed to acquire/achieve, thanks to you know who, who function at their efficiency best especially in this dimension, throughout the network that begins from the highest corridors of power? or would it go to someone who reels under the delirious sweltering heat of Goddess Lakshmi? 

I am irritated, I am concerned, but do not have the energies to channel my frustration and anger into acts of rebellion!….a majority of the working class that we belong to, is stuck, stuck with different kinds of struggles as brought in by the rigmarolic existence, there are just a few events (unfortunate ones, but there’s no escape from them) when we want to go beyond what we do and think & act like true human beings that we are born as. There’s a felt need in most of us to reach out to people who need the most basic attention, they are much tougher than us (cocooned in the comfort of concrete jungles) and when we attempt to fulfill this need, the highly corrupted system acts like a disgusting detterent factor.   





Would my message reach the little brave-heart who was seen wading through the overwhelmingly deep, fast moving, neck-deep waters, holding her pet goat close and tight? or would someone tear my message to her into several pieces, while she continues to feel neglected by the world, after having lost her loved ones and near & dear? Has the media house  whose papery output I read religiously over my ritualistic state (with a mug of coffee), ever attempted to build and reinforce confidence amongst its readers about the sustenance of the transparency codes behind such humanitarian moves, has it ever run a campaign assuring the folks that their contributions did reach the real victims, we did ensure that they reach the correct destinations and post-natural calamities, through the real-interviews, we did indicate, this is how the victims are recuperating from the shock and reconstructing their lives once again?    …am depressed over this bit of reality”, the kind of respect that we give to our Freedom Fighters, …..Just imagine a person who fought the British Raj for India’s freedom before year 1947. One who feels the bullet and baton injuries he suffered in the Quit India movement of 1942 pale in the face of his miseries today. One who is 83 years old now & one who is forced to pull a rickshaw on the streets of Jharkhand state of India.

UpdateDonations towards Bihar Relief Fund. This link provides quite a few reliable NGO organisations