{Baka, the doll in the middle…}

The Dolls were an attitude. If nothing else they were a great attitude.


Johnny Thunders



A doll is one of the most pressing needs as well as the most charming instincts of a girl childhood. It is one of those acquisitions with a certain prestige value, which little girls could flaunt to the world around, signals control+”I am better than you” status in the early phase of their childhood. Little girls with their dolls tucked under their arms or walking across the park, holding  their dolls upside down   are treated with mixed set of feelings : reverence+envy+admiration+excitement. “I have a doll” indicates that the little girl is all set for an exotic trip to the world of fantasy, where what one loves to do, changes moment by moment, its so deliriously unpredictable! To undress it,  give it a bath with warm water filled with tiny pieces of flowers-petals under a shady tree, dress it with the most beautiful dresses, always on the look out for tiny yet beautiful pieces of cloth (one more dress for the doll),  comb its long tresses softly and gently, take it out for a stroll, teach it a bit, keep it as a little angel who protects me when the unseen-imaginary yet potent  devilish creatures pounce on me from all the corners of that tiny & dark library room, where I search for the books – Charles Dickens, Alexander Dumas, Mark Twain etc., give it food, sing it to sleep, pretend as if she is my daughter who I should take care of, who would grow up as a beautiful woman for who I have to search a nice boy, dreaming – singing – tending – sewing lovely garments (which I always wanted to wear, if I could fit in)….such a blissful self-introduction to the early womanhood. A doll in the little girl’s hand means easier an access & admirable acceptance to the gangs of little girls who play games like “Sweet Home-Pujas at home-Doll festivals at home-Sunday Lunch-Picnic-Marriage Procession” etc {games played by little girls from sleepy towns, then,  invariably, used to resemble varied actvities that their mothers do indulge in within the smaller circles of friends/relatives in the neighbourhood}.    A little girl without doll is as deprived and quite unnatural as a woman without a child…I never liked plastic dolls, have always preferred Patch dolls, dolls made of soft cottons, who have cherubic & warm  smiles plastered on their lovely faces, especially chubby dolls (Barbie is too skinny and too artificial). …we were deprived of dolls when we were children, which is a big reason for us to build up an impressive collection of dolls now