{AdvertisingAge Article was shown to me by Bhakti Doshi, my colleague} 






I have been busy with work, morning walks on the sea-side, at times  under the relentless rain assault, amidst some German nonsense (the wicked heads who are aware of this incident do smirk over this bit once again) and deep an introspection about the importance of my existence in this world (which hits me really hard, especially, during my solitary morning walks). And I managed to insert a few new habits, quite effortlessly, into my life : Provided a very cosy corner to all those great thought-provoking works by the grand-moms-n-dads from the literary world, at who, everyday, I cast a glance of ignorance and then bury my head in Celebrity photos as captured by {link:OMG}  I know,  there’s something terribly wrong with this discrepancy.



Lately I have been Obsessed with Fairy tales, which are Relatable.  And this collection, invariably, features SEX AND THE CITY.



Bonnie Fuller on  AdvertisingAge writes….”The writers who created the film’s central character did a genius thing: They created a woman who real women could totally identify with — a truly authentic female. Carrie wasn’t trying to be edgy or hip. She was a woman who was cute but not too pretty; funny and smart but not too brainy; great buddies with her close girlfriends but repeatedly a loser in love — so much so that she endured the ultimate humiliation: being left at the altar. After all, every woman has experienced devastating heartbreak even if she hasn’t had her wedding abruptly canceled Plus there was Carrie’s embarrassing habit of tripping over her designer clothes. Public embarrassment is another thing most women can relate to, unfortunately.  The film also won women’s allegiance through a factor not usually valued by marketers who are always on the outlook for what’s next. While it took the lives of its heroines forward, it triumphed in its celebration of the familiar. Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda were still the same girlfriends the “SATC” audience had come to love. After all, the best thing about a best girlfriend is that you can count on her not to change, even if it has been four years since you last saw her.  The “SATC” brand recognizes what many marketers don’t: that women connect with and will follow a woman or a brand that is friendly, relatable and likable vs. someone or something that is perfect and on a pedestal. That is one of the lessons I learned while revamping Us Weekly or transforming Star from a tabloid to a glossy magazine…..