Jyo’s Bucket list {who does not like to be a Passive Observer or Consumer, but to engulf in the culture or to experience the adventure}





1. Deep sea diving

2. Unexpected blanket of kisses and hugs on top of the Eiffel Tower

3. A summer, a monsoon, an autumn and a winter with HIM

4. To watch all the French, German and Russian movies made during 1960-1990 with HIM

5. To work as a Waitress-cum-Sunday chef in a side street restaurant in Arles

6. To own a little Bookshop Around the Corner and to run Weekend Reading Sessions for children

7. To enjoy a luxury cruise with George Clooney

8. To live in New York for a Summer-to-a Winter and attend Poetry Workshops

9. To be a Strategic Planner on Nike and Harley Davidson for a year

10.To power self with the charm of the Pied Piper of Hamelin (female version) and turn all those men who harassed me, who made me cry, who hurt me, into battalions of helpless n clueless mice

11.To wander around the Speyside, the highs and lows of the Celtic land

And the final….


12.To be Calvin’s Girl friend or to be Tom Sawyer’s Becky {To go back to my blissful childhood adventures}





femme magnifique – Aneesa’s Bucket list


#to climb the Eiffel tower and renew my energy with a kiss on every floor (make every floor count while #counting every floor),
#to get married on the beach,

#to run a travel show with ‘him’,
#to own a multi regional beer parlor with indoor sports,
#to experience life in an igloo,
#to pet a tiger cub,
#to ride a horse like it was an extension of myself,
#to get stuck on an lonely island with George Clooney,
#to ride the Harley,
#to cage George Bush in the zoo,
#to get a tattoo,
#to travel every lane and by lane in Venice, hand in hand,
#to own a house by the lagoon on the bora bora islands,
#to farm on the Indian terrain,
#to survive in a jungle for a month,
#to work towards animal welfare,
#to script my movie plot and convert it into a film,
#to fly a plane,
#to ride any F1 sports car,
#to learn all the water sports there are,
#to learn Arabic and French,
#to master the piano and compose my own tunes,
#to work six months and travel the rest six months,
#to have a baby and to adopt a baby,
#to send a message in a bottle and leave it in the sea hoping to receive a reply,
#to never forget to live everyday like it was the last,




***Do go for an evening stroll, a long Coffee break or sleep over a book and come back***


And those who want their respective Bucket list to be featured over here, do write. Would love to see your Bucket list….I feel, it’s imperative for one to have a Bucket list which provides more a meaningful direction to varied struggles in life as well as a gentle nudge or reminder for one to move back into some kind of life-like rhythm.