Man left to Die : Source : TIMES NOW


(link:The bus stopped midway to get rid of him. The old man got down trembling. He leaned against the shutter of a closed shop, gasping for breath. Passersby saw him but didn’t offer help. They informed the Bantra police, who took hours to sort out if the case was under their jurisdiction. The man lay on the road unattended for three and a half hours until he died. Kadam Prasad Panth, a Nepali, had come to the city in his youth to work as a security guard. He lived with a fellow guard, Raj Kumar Chhetri, in a school at Kasundia in Howrah. Early on Wed-nesday, Panth took a route 52 bus from Howrah station after returning from Nepal. He was headed to Ghoshpara, his local address. Mid-way, he started feeling dizzy. Trembling and gasping, he stumbled out of the bus at the Gouriya Math stop on Netaji Subhas Road. He didn’t even have the strength to carry his luggage, and the conductor and other passengers were in a hurry. The bus moved on with his boxes. It was 6.30 in the morning.

Pause, Think and Go ahead with your life : We would SHIVER WITH INEXPLICABLE FITS OF RAGE AND HELPLESSNESS, if we were to face one of our elderly family members dead in such unfortunate and inhuman situation. You may mumble that I am rich, have taken adequate care & ensured every damn thing in the world, so that my elders can enjoy their last phase with a sense of Comfort. But, DEATH does not come with prior a notice or an appointment. It’s such sheer a matter of disgrace that most of us, in those demanding times, fail to emerge as True Humans. What can I say ? I truly thank the bloody world and the bloody-inefficient system around me for being so unbelievably kind to fellow humans, especially, the old & the withered who carry human struggle against life, visibly and miserably.