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New York A Thousand Breakfasts, One Juice Preferred by far, Tropicana, gently squeezed….


How do you like your eggs in the morning   trop-2.jpg
I like mine with a kiss  trop-7.jpg

Boiled or fried   trop-3.jpg

I am satisfied  trop-4.jpg  as long as I get my kiss

trop-6.jpg How do you like your toast in the morning

I like mine with a hug

Dark or light  trop-8.jpg

The world’s all right as long as I get my hug   trop-9.jpg…………….


Shot in New York, the ad used a number of classic city breakfast scenes to illustrate the ‘city that never sleeps’ having the most eclectic and best breakfasts on offer. And the ad was accompanied by Dean Martin singing ‘Eggs in the Morning’, chosen because of its upbeat foodyness…..”There’s nothing quite like breakfast in New York, and New York’s favourite juice is Tropicana” communicates Tropicana being the preferred breakfast accompaniment for the discerning New Yorkers….

Features amongst my favourites! Wish, I were the Planner on this Classic piece