{In continuation with :The Campaign against “Unnecessary Destruction” }       



Shorn, I rejoice in what was taken from me.




What can the moonlight do with my new shape 
But trace and retrace its miracle of order?
I stand, waiting for the strange reaction
Of insects who knew me in my larger self,
Unkempt, in a naturalness I did not love.
Even the dog’s voice rings with a new echo,
And all the little leaves I shed are singing,

Singing to the moon of shapely newness.



Somewhere what I lost I hope is springing  
To life again. The roofs, astonished by me,
Are taking new bearings in the night, the owl
is crying for a further wisdom, the lilac
Putting forth its strongest scent to find me.
Butterflies, like sails in grooves, are winging
Out of the water to wash me, wash me.


Now, I am stirring like a seed in China.







As a torn paper might seal up its side, 
Or a streak of water stitch itself to silk,
And disappear, my wound has been my healing,
And I am made more beautiful by losses.
See the flat water in the distance nodding
Approval, the light that fell in love with statues,
Seeing me alive, turn its motion toward me.




{The Poem is written by Howard Moss, is quintessentially a NEW YORK poet-Sophisticated, skeptical, witty – despite his cosmopolitan style, the enduring cycles of nature- the seeds and seasons of growth and decay….he searched mysteries in the everyday}

In India, unfortunately, foolish humans who are responsible for basic transportation / local commutation  services, do not believe in “Proper Tree Pruning”. They just have to address that repugnant itch to destroy trees, chop down them! They just need a tiny reason to bring a representative of “Green Perspectives” to a halt. The real estate magnets feel this surge to create grotesque & horrid looking flats, vertical developments, the modern citadels of conspicuous consumption-Shopping malls.   A few of these modern constructions, ironically, flaunt names borrowed from Nature / Trees. I need not highlight this as a highly ridiculous act by humans, as it is blatantly explicit!