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Weekends are all about lazing around in bed, watching the sunlight glinting purple hues off unruly curls of my hair, being wrapped in the warmth of dreams that left me a few moments ago, ignoring the autumn chill that is creeping over my face, reaching out to the book to reestablish the link to the journey left midway previous night…essentially, efforting in not to move hands, waist, limbs and feet too much, as they are still stuck with something inexplicable, thinking how wonderful it is to have a man who fixes Breakfast in Bed for me,…..tut, tut, I need to ignore this weird creature with a tag “Lotus-Eating”, decorating the walls in my favourite shades. I have to jump out of bed, and have to head towards kitchen where my sessions with mom are held every weekend. The day is actually beautiful, someone shared with me pictures of “Autumn Fire-works” previous night, the walks I took across them still linger on my lips…. capt_2c728df2f0e64445ab6c0f449f364a01_travel_trip_green_briar_ny403.jpg….capt_dde4375d084d48a9b2161a97ccba840f_travel_trip_looking_for_leaves_ny422.jpg

27102007738.jpg But it’s PASTA TIME. I love Pasta, because it is tantalizingly simple – carry a much larger influence due to the varied ingredients used while making Pasta, flexible, versatile and you can create your own unique, different recipes of Pasta, yup, there about about a million and one ways of making pasta. And Pasta come in many styles – appealing, isn’t it? I still remember that evening when I firmed up my decision to become a “Pasta Specialist” in the next 5 years. Since then, there’s no looking back, I gathered many hued Pasta recipes from friends, across the coffee tables, work cubicles, single working men (bachelors who have girl friends), single working women, live-in couples, married couples still glued together, married couples splitting their ends, HE and MOM.….I usually do not entertain Fast food, but whenever I go out to venture into Fast Food world, I prefer Pastas over Pizzas, Pastas over Burgers. A variety of tasty and flavourful Pastas served up at the outlets seem to fuel my enthusiasm for this simple yet fun filled creation – Use the best Italian brand Barilla, run water through fresh leaves, and other ingredients, slice through fresh cubes or slices of cheese, disturb a fresh layer of cream on milk, stir up senses with fresh Pepper and other spices and cook slowly (the toughest part)….so simple to make a tasty, plump and succulent recipe of Pasta.

I am going to use Barilla Penne Rigate today {Recipe 2}.  

Recipe 1 : Creamy Mushroom Pasta (to be eaten along with mashed potato and garlic bread)

(Most South Indians do not like Mushrooms. I do not like them either. Mushrooms are still alien a concept in most Indian ethnic kitchens. Varied types of Pizzas would have brought masses closer to Mushrooms w.r.t taste and flavour, but most stay emotionally detached to them. This whole campaign for Pastas in my life started with Pasta cooked in thick sauce with mushrooms, green olives and cream. Mushrooms are believed to create a depth of flavor and add certain richness to the sauce. Choosing the right kind of Mushrooms is an important task)  

What you need  {I am not getting into that conventional way of delivering a recipe, as I am not a master chef, and I fare quite badly at measurements….even, our moms usually do not create divinly sinful dishes using ingredients in measured quantities. An instinct – it happens when one enters kitchen more frequently than it could be done, which guides when, what to add and in how much quantity. But, I tend to be a Brand conscious woman in the kitchen}:

Pasta (of any kind, buy Barilla pack), Olive oil (just 1 tablespoon – get Bertolli), fresh Mushrooms sliced, tiny slices of Garlic (you want Ginger. Resist the temptation please), Salt (the essential), 1 tbsp Italian seasoning (Have you ever walked in Food World Gourmet ? please do. I once used those Pizza Hut seasonings), ½ cup sour cream, and grated cheese to be sprinkled across at the last mile of cooking.  

a) Once the lightly salted water has come to a boil, add pasta and olive oil. Let it cook for sometime (a little longer than 5 mins), until pasta becomes tender. Then drain. 

b) Put a wide base pan, add a few drops of olive oil and work on it over low heat. Add the mushrooms until they get soft, then drop in those tiny slices of garlic, Italian seasoning, salt etc.

c) Add pasta. Cook this whole drama on a medium heat and keep stirring it for about 5 mins. Stir in the sour cream and cook it on low heat until it becomes soft, smooth and creamy.

d) Then sprinkle grated cheese (I use Amul Processed Cheese chiplets) and let it blend with the rich cream. Do not forget to enjoy this pasta with mashed potatoes and Garlic bread. A few men claimed that they use White wine for this recipe. Am a teetotaler, never used White wine in cooking. 


Recipe 2 : Rigate with Coriander leaves (to be eaten along with mashed potato and garlic bread. The recipe’s image is shared with you folks)

What you need  {I do not want to reiterate what I said above}: Pasta (Barilla Rigate), Olive oil (just 1 tablespoon – get Bertolli), fresh Coriander leaves {broken into tiny pieces, breathe in the fragrance), tiny slices of Garlic (No to Ginger), Salt (the essential), 1 tbsp Pepper, ½ cup Onions sliced, grated cheese, a tiny cup – fresh milk cream and milk. 

a) As above in Recipe 1. But let Pasta cook in the boiling water for a little longer than 8 mins).

b) Put a wide base pan, add a few drops of olive oil and work on it over low heat. Add the slices of Onion, drop in those tiny slices of garlic, and let them gush about or cook until they get soft. Then add a few leaves of Coriander, salt and pepper.

c) Cook this whole drama on a medium heat and keep stirring it for about 3 mins. Add Pasta.  Then, Stir in the milk cream and cook it on low heat until everything becomes smooth and creamy. Then add grated cheese (I use Amul Processed Cheese chiplets) and let it blend with the milk cream. Add the remaining leaves of Coriander, mix it quickly and swiftly. And serve the cooked pasta in a rectangular shaped bowl. Yes, you need to enjoy this pasta with mashed potatoes and Garlic bread.


{dedicating this to Mom, the MOST WONDERFUL WOMAN, who braved my tantrums in the kitchen. To HIM, A SNOOTY, SNOBBISH FOODIE who criticises me endlessly!}

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And Ant declares elegantly……….{link”While you do not cook an awfully lot or supersophisticated things you though cook in a mediocre way reasonably well without too much effort and too much things burnt. Reasonably well means that it also pleases the eye. …”}