…He, for quite a long time, flipped through a copy of the magazine at the roadside Newspapers & Magazines stand and reached for a fresh copy to buy. When asked, he said the one he flipped through is no longer new. I wondered, “Is it “Fashionable to be Nonsensical these days”? and those who kick-start such trips filled with bad nonsense (there is good nonsense too, trust me!) are the “Fashion Trend-setters” and those who play audience to such programmes are the “Fashion Followers”.  I, these days, have been feeling rather hopeless about my existence (much against my never-stay-dull n disinterested n pessimistic spirit I wear most times), which gets a crazier tug of acceleration due to the “Surround Nonsense”. It starts, invariably, from the moment I slipped into the car, after casting a quick glance of admiration at the blue sky and the air with a hint of coolness. It starts from the moment, when, everyday, I start marching towards an ordinary enough decision to be ”Career-minded Woman on a fresh new day”. I, everyday, decide not  to go with the flow of Nonsense that jumps out on me from one of many FM channels being played on the Car Stereo. But, one more day, once again, I find self surrendering to it, helplessly, withering at the weirdness of it…

One of the beauties stroke me so,  “yeh kya pahna….kahane waale uncle zara side dena, yeh hair style kya hai kahane waale uncle zara side dena…..” {I am not able to recall the exact bits & pieces of this grand radio spot of Pepsi My Can}….  The launch TV campaign, recently, unveiled Pepsi’s new stylish “My Can”, which reflects the cool-style quotient of today’s Indian youth – “Nayi generation ka naya style”, which, ideally, should be a product centric ad. But, it’s the Iconic brand Pepsi..a hint of that electric blue is sufficient! The TV ad has one stupid looking young kid (he looks stoned! forget to get a glimpse of wicked glint on his face) who walks up to the Glamorous Bollywood idols Sharukh Khan and John Abraham {both appear so eager, leaning forward, almost gearing up to whip away  their autograph to the lad} and shocks both of them out of their wits and blissful world by calling them “Uncle”, pepsi1.jpg  only to extend his arm to caress “Pepsi My Can”. Yes, it is really stupid; one more speck is added to the creative garbage glut. So, what would one understand from this : youngsters are given one more lethal device that helps them to create a niche for selves in this stupid, mundane looking world – grab hold of a Pepsi “My Can”, which like ATM, would pump that required level of cool quotient into one. It would also enable them to serve the  statement “UNCLE or AUNT” to “men/women in 30s and 40s-yet-looking & feeling so youthful”, with a perfect slurr, in a right level of intensity, as if they are declaring, yet another time, to the older world that they arrived here, finally!  What a highly effective tool, which could make one look and behave cooler, so effortlessly!  The radio rendition of this seems to have gone a step ahead in spreading across the nonsense around — Youngsters derive a nonsensically devilish delight by fixing their attention on older men and women who seemed “younger than they used to look, courtesy Workout Routines for 6 pack abs and rejuvenating packs for hair and facial muscles” , who almost are ready to take evasive action should it be needed. Both the brand team and Advertising team (let me include the Planner too!) seemed to have ignored the fact that  Older men and women, no longer, entertain such high-pitch discomforting trips of sudden realization, if the younger world addresses them as “Uncles and Aunts. You, no longer, are younger”. Most seem comfortable and at ease with “being aged or getting into 30s or 40s”.  And do youngsters, who these days, are far more mature, level-headed and too deeply engrossed in their lives, widening & broadening their worlds, early-career moves and multi-hued many a social interaction {which is  not just frivolous monkey-activity-like-hanging out} have enough time to snub older mortals, to shred their stomach and facial muscles? This nonsensical advertising campaign drives me nuts with no respite in sight.  “Pepsi New Generation, X Gen, Y Gen…” are older concepts, would not bucket down magical rains on this iconic brand. Wake up and look at what’s happening around ! swatch.jpg “Iconic Brands with high emotional connect are about a message – a strong, exciting, authentic message that tells people who you are and why you do what you do. Swatch is all about “High quality. Low cost. Provocative. Joy of life. We are not just offering watches. We are offering our own PERSONAL CULTURE – Nicholas Hayek of Swatch” ….I would say, Swatch is no a mere Wrist watch, it’s a Graffiti board on your skin. 

Now if I force self to talk about one more grotesque mishap on one’s senses, I would take on the Panasonic radio spot, which is absolutely maddening, this makes me want to scream. Interestingly enough, it starts with a scream in exasperation, one could hear the whole world shake violently with this loam-shattering realisation that the Panasonic Plasma technology is Mother or Father of all Plasmas.

Can someone be generous enough to think, and to create some sensible radio campaigns? Humans do not cruise smoothly to their respective work places, and they would be surprised immensely if they were not put through a grueling journey through rush hour traffic everyday, every moment. It would be a kind gesture if junky FM channels stop broadcasting such nonsense, right at the beginning of a fresh day, when humans are groping their way through traffic-induced osmosis.

This series would continue its plight soon…..{A Strategic Planner who wrote her miserable experience assuming the tone of a poor, gullible receiver}           🙂

Next session to be launched on : Pond’s “Look Younger in Just 7 Days”…..Just leaving a thought with you               “God created Wrinkles. Brands created Anti-Wrinkles”