Humans are fully-grown, full-fledged mobile creatures, who are trimmed or untrimmed in a specific bone structure, abundant with the essential mineral Calcium {this dwindles with the age factor – which in turn causes many other disturbances like Sleep disruptions, uncomfortably plummeting sex drive, shaky-rigid muscles, dryness all around) and is surrounded by flesh, are capable of “full-blown Conspiracy theories”, which usually emerge from “Sociological Unrest”, “Unpalatable Monotonous existence driven by the Well-Established forces” and “Conspicuous Consumption”. I can see you nodding your head in complete agreement. I can see you recalling vividly, to your heart content, and visualizing each and every detail of a naked hirsute body (with a rebellious mind), dripping wet, storming out of unthinkable a condition – “lolling in a hot tub, dense with light-hearted frothy bubbles”, screaming a revolution, “Eureka!”.  

I represent, Commoners, forever enthusiastic participants of the Street-Culture, who secretly, desire for something new and “excitentertaininformation”, everyday, size of it does not matter, and the regularity of its occurrence enables them to desert the politics-sodden work places,  irritable beds with creatures which are avoided by disinfectants, with a nonchalant aplomb and magical dexterity. Since they are not blessed with abundant time, energies and crisp paper money {they sure have a penchant to compete in this campaign of creating “disruptive entertainment” on 100+ channels, if they were blessed with those essentials), they elected (not through those poll booths we walk to once in 5 years, the timelines for them are collapsing these days), “Super-Intelligent genre” to create such “Socially desirable disruption”, which is tangiblized through manipulative glances, deep-in-the-night fluid-n-flexible stratagems to drive visible / invisible vicious terror strikes, hard times, imbalanced a dialogue between supply and demand of necessities-for-existence, and crumbling economies. One’s miserable conditions are Carnivals for others whose bald heads shine under blinding studio lights – a lot of material for the media heads to chew and gurgle out silly, illogical theories, predictions etc in a highly controlled environment, who turn to us with a sense of urgency, once again, Commoners, cocooning in our respective / mutually agreed upon living rooms to pull out our lethal glitzy weapons – termed as Mobile Phones, and urge to punch  our stance at this cul-de-sac as “Yes” or “No” or “Do not know/Can’t say” or “None/Nothing” or “On the fence” or “About to jump from the fence” etc etc, towards some numeric slanting at 0000. 

I, as widely characterized through a common occurrence, seem to have lost my way amidst this overwhelming blitzkrieg of words. It’s time for me to wriggle self out of this self-inflicted struggle, and to leave you dearest folks with undaunting a task –  Who should we accolade for such nebulous, murkier, uncertain yet desired developments with scintillating possibilities and events – the Forever-Amassing-Girth, so perceived “Oppressor” or so-perceived “Oppressed Conspiracy buffs”? Take a pause at this page with a faded expression – Albert Einstein said, “” the world is dangerous not only because of the evil that men do but also because we sit and let it happen”