{Image Courtesy Outlook India}

There is a deep and understated poignancy in these Silent Marchers, which could render each one of us silent and motionless…. 

“The rain continues to pour,
drenching them to the core,
– nameless wild flowers 
shivered somewhere
in light mountain breeze”

{Link:It’s hard to describe the startling exotic beauty of the Saffron-robed monks or lamas that walk Myanmar’s streets, says Myra Yellin Outwater}.
“I feel so sorry to see the monks walking in heavy rain and taking such trouble on behalf of the people. I feel so grateful as well,”, said a 50-year-old woman with tears rolling down her face….{Link :Do read more about this} The Economist says, 20070929issuecovus160.jpg{link:If the world acts in concert, the violence should be the last spasm of a vicious regime in its death throes….}

“We do not wear it in sacred amulets on our chests.
we do not compose hysterical poems about it.
It does not disturb our bitter dream-sleep.
It does not seem to be the promised paradise.
we do not make of it a soul
object for sale and barter,
and we being sick, poverty-stricken, unable to utter a word
do not even remember about it….”  {
Our Own Land – Anna Akhmatova}