I see no sense in attending workshops where humans preach other loose-limbed (or) long-limbed (or) short-limbed (or) some X-limbed, tight-lipped or dry-lipped or soaking-wet lipped or some Y-lipped humans passionately on how to loooooove one’s work, how to motivate self, how to motivate others, how not to demotivate others by ordering them to work on certain tasks or how not to discourage enthusiastic living things by ignoring their sheer girth, breadth, breath presence or through intentionally/unintentionally carried out miscommunication. I suggest, dear folks, what one must do is walk out of such delirious workshops, the sermons of which, anyway, would not see a bright speck of sunlight. 

Just walk out, sit and watch the Grass in movement. The Grass is at work, relentless and silent, thinking of a high-impact, low-decibel yard maintenance program. Those sleek blades of Grass stay on ferocious, even when they are trampled by heartless feet, senseless fools or losing their green tinge for a paler hue. Despite many crushes, crunches, they dutifully push up their slender necks or urge their little ones to brave the horrid world of humans, as they are lain down on their death-bed.

So beneath our foolish feet nestled in the comfort of leather or non-leather footwear, the earth brings the “Sturdy Grass” to birth. And this’s what motivates me. When I seek a piece of appreciation at my prestigious work place, which, invariably is an inhabitant from the Utopian lands, or when I am displaying acute “Withdrawal Symptoms from life, courtesy my work-mates”, I stare at the slender necks of Grass. At certain times, raindrops and mist “sparkle up Grass”, which is a delightful, rejuvenating and life-affirming sight. And how can we forget that scintillating moment when the Grass grabs hold of the Sun to it, and opens its luscious hands wide enough to bring richer colors, perfume or fragrance to the milieu, foolish humans live about?

Grass works on a daily basis, and always strives hard to make one’s morning walks or evening walks or those romantic interludes comfortable. That’s why, foolish humans mumble “Carpet Grass”. Sprinklers and Lights provide those additional nutrients for the Grass to sway with the light breeze, with zero pollution. Grass works diligently, and foolish humans receive compliments on how good one’s yard or garden looks. So who, when, where and why recognises the “Grass efforts”? The breeze, the essential elements like the Sun, the Moon, etc who spend time carefully going back and forth across the waistlands of Grass and shower compliments, especially, at those hours, when foolish humans sleep like pigs.

Raising its head against many constraints is both a tedious and thankless task for the Grass. Interestingly and encouragingly, Grass never detests its existence and grudges about its culture. Yet another valuable lesson that I have learnt from the Grass, last weekend, but I may fail to sustain it for longer time. Who serves summons for the Grassy heads to come out, to evaluate the quality of their work? I think, it’s not a human. The Grass would survey the landscape, would begin walking across the yard, with the breeze quietly in tow. Should it find an errant blade of grass, it would stop and gently tap on its head and thus taking care of discrepancies, which happen once in 2 months. It’s that amazing ability to draw in immense pride through disciplining itself while at work, without any forthcoming robes of accolades, positive comments, thank yous, “good job babe” pats, captivates me interminably.

warrior.gif ….If you come across such Grass-like work environment that makes one feel as though one is capable of doing things one has never done before, one has never thought about before, one feels encouraged to do one’s best, to stay at one’s best moods or elements, devoid of any malicious political dramas, and manipulative agendas to kill others’ spirits (foolish humans may term this as a Strong Survival Instinct), do let me know…………..I am willing to be a blade of Grass! – a foolish human