I will try to be my other self (b) over here : I nurture two “forever conflicting selves” – see, almost all mortals live within gray shades, images filled with contrasts (reflect largely in one’s behavior towards others), a bit is plucked from Black window, while the rest of it is painted in White in varied a hue from life. Now going back to conflicting selves….

(a) the brooding self blended aptly with certain degree of melancholy (this variable is adjusted based on the intensity of situation I put myself at times, as driven by the attraction quotient, a man manages to sustain at my windowsill). When I am with this self, everything appears to be dripping down silently, including the four walls, the floor, the backyard, the courtyard, the trees, their branches, the squirrels creating riots over them etc etc. As if thousand others me are dripping down from within and drenching the whole world around me. People term this phenomenon as “Tearfalls”. I declare this as a “high intense phase of Introspection” – where I brood over myself, my reactions to certain moves made by a man for who an imaginary hand in me strummed on the heart strings, ignoring the nearing steps of yet another debacle resounding firmly on the wooden deck. Therefore, I remain moody while meandering with this self. At times, I engage in diabolical tendencies. Do not ask me, what are they and how different are they from others’?

(b) the effervescent self bursting forth, extremely an ideal and advisable situation to be sustained by a career-minded woman who forever wades through myriad political dramas, as conceptualised by “Men at Work”. This “Never-Say-Die” momentum oozes out in generous measures in whatever I do and I could see similar kind of spirit amongst other women too!  But this wholesome, highly indulgent hedonistic gleam always have something to revolt against, it could be a tiny nut from a system that loves to maintain the “status quo”, a condition where everything lives in the same situation, a semi-frozen status for period longer than years. Are not humans creatures of habit ? This frustrates my high-decibel motoring system and when this happens , like many, I tend  to pen down a few philosophical lines. Most men, due to difference in chemical structures & composition, choke over nubile, energetic and vibrant women like me and usually tear themselves up over some unseen and inexplicable traumas. There is no reason to expect them to do so! But they still do. What would men do they feel this sudden caress of trauma ? they howl for other mates, walk down to a nearby beverage hole, and amidst that cries and whimpers of modern musical escapade,  they chalk out certain game plans. The mission is : how to make bread crumbs out of this problematic woman.       

I wanted to cover … this Capsule, i) Dance – A Liberating experience ii) fist fight for elbow space….But the material in my hand on both the issues appears inadequate {wicked smirk over my lips !}

And enjoy this funky sway {I usually initiate my dancing sessions with this piece}           🙂