Fort Minor’s ” Where’d you go” 


……She said “Some days I feel like shit,
Some days I wanna quit, and just be normal for a bit,”
I don’t understand why you have to always be gone,
I get along but the trips always feel so long,
And, I find myself trying to stay by the phone,
‘Cause your voice always helps me to not feel so alone,
But I feel like an idiot, workin’ my day around the call,
But when I pick up I don’t have much to say,
So, I want you to know it’s a little fucked up…….{a part of the lyrics!}


There’s no point in lying in the bed,
in a room darkened forcibly, motionless,
and empty of words. Every part of my body is
protesting against something silently, too little
time and energy is at my disposal. I know,  
it would consume me soon. I may not be there  
to wish a fresh morning. I am fighting a battle  
with the history of grief, marching past the grim-looking 
trees whose feet are stuck in the carpet of fallen leaves.
Tears piled high up in my nose, there must be severe pain 
streaked across my face in the most clear and honest strokes,  
the world may feel sympathetic towards it someday. 
With a thin cotton white shirt open over the soft and  
treacherous plots of my breasts, and my legs curled up  
tight and firm in that new pair of denim jeans I bought  
last week amidst bursts of fake laughter, I may be a model   
with stunning looks for the world, which watches grim 
realities on TV. Around me hung a mild fragrance of 
moisturising body-wash, which I want to run away from
in a great haste to the raining skies breaking open above
the houses, or to that warm afternoon taking a siesta
on a sun-baked bed across which a rusty-brown coloured 
quilt was spread, and a soft breeze from the lemon tree
parked self in one of its corners. To lie lifeless is :
to speak to the memories, to take silent walks through
grief-struck streets, backyards filled with random growth

of vines on the trees, troubling stretches of wild grass.

To lie lifeless is : to let the hand walk across the bed
to his side hoping it to find warm.

To lie lifeless is : to stay dumb to the thoughtful gestures 
of mom, dad and my pet dog. Not to think of my sisters.

To lie lifeless is : To entertain a mind-numbing decision
to hug someone who does not want to be held.

To lie lifeless: to stay meaningless!

—-Jyo (I am really really sad. I took a brief pause off my Critical Reasoning Test, looked at the branches of trees swinging in the afternoon breeze. To stay happier is such a simple thing, but why am I not able to grasp that lesson? Laughing used to be effortless a task for me. Then. I seem to be losing my firm grip on this ability as well. Why do people come and take away something so intrinsic to us ?}