170420070061.jpg  {MG Road boulevard : captured on my Nokia-Nseries} 

I live in a loud and garrulous world and most times, I play deaf and dumb to run away from it. I stare at this unruly world from a hollow shell,so empty and void inside. Nevertheless, I have my own corner in that coffee bar by the road. I sit there and watch them sway with the breeze, curving unheard notes softly under their lips, and beaming at us, hapless creatures living a life we have chosen to live in. I took numerous pauses, touching their rough skins and gnarled trunks, when I was running away from nonsensical situations, the world threw at me. Many a time, I lost myself into their clouds of blossoms and a maze of greenery when I looked up. The skies appear like smaller and larger slices of jigsaw puzzle! On many mornings, I walked past them,  shivering a little in the frail drizzle of dewdrops they showered on me, with a hint of annoyance over my hardened nipples. How beautiful, slender and non-mechanical, life used to appear when I was with them? How many walks I took with them p9230427.jpgon those less trodden paths, while caressing their dead leaves and fallen flowers, I collected in my books? Now I am battling for those long stretches of time and comfort, they have given me always. It is painful to write the last note for them. It is dark, clumsy, speckled with the dust of helplessness and is filled with the dampness of my tears. I am bitter with the world where I exist.This lovely stretch of trees {and their paraphernalia of old & rusty park benches,weird looking & familiar insects, nauseating rats etc.*Birds have no place  to migrate} and that Pink bougainvillea corner {on MG Road, Bangalore} is facing the wrath of urbanisation, and is breathing the last few days of its existence . A cold and steely touch of Metro system is going to replace the serenity of weather….the death of this heritage lane has begun!  I looked at them from my window and they all seemed blissfully unaware of the impending monstrous destruction by human hand (am ashamed of self for being one of the mankind!), swinging happily in the evening breeze…they looked hazy and blurred through my lens….

Pablo Neruda wrote…Power is mute (the trees tell me)and so is profundity (say the roots)and purity too (says the grain) One of those painful memories in my closet -Never ever I would have dreamt of this. People expect me to be hard-hearted after having witnessed many a huge mass of destruction in & around Bangalore. I still remember, the path choked with thick brown dust, tangled masses of trees brutally chopped down, lay bare for one to see. I could gather tears of shame and helplessness at work in my eyes! I held my breath, fervent a desire to see my tree alive! its frailty frolicking delightfully with the sweet breeze, gentle swirls of pale purples, the shimmering castles in the clouds, waves of beauty cradling a harmony of deep purples, a rippled aria in the skies! Painful silence held me, while I cried and my broken heart wailed for my tree – frayed scars, torn off limbs, disturbed dreams, elegance split down middle, a beautiful life that was becalmed! I marched back to my cocoon to sleep with the words of my master Pablo Neruda…

A circular saw
came down and touched earth
in the night,
like a planet.
It circled the peaks
of my country,
passed with no thought for the larvae at work in my door,
and was lost in the sound.
Since then, I have walked
through the smells
of the forest, holding everything sacred,
never slashing a tree with a hatchet……. 

{My arms find no tree to hug! My feet find no boulevard to tread ! Rains find no canopy to leave their postcards with! Birds find no home to coo from or to sleep in! Ants find no tracks to drive on!  Tomorrow!} p9230420.jpg

{A musical piece for these gorgeous bodies : ‘Debussy Clair de Lune” }

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“Inconvenient Truth” is an excellent documentary, which won two OSCARS. It is Al Gore’s campaign to make the issue of global warming a recognized problem worldwide. ……..You look at that river gently flowing by. You notice the leaves
rustling with the wind. You hear the birds; you hear the tree frogs. In the distance, you hear a cow. You feel the grass. The mud gives a little bit on the riverbank. It is quiet; it’s peaceful. And all of a sudden, it’s a gear shift inside you. And it’s like taking a deep breath and going, “Oh yeah, I forgot about this.”

Update : {link : Life for Promenade}

Rohan DSouza , a tree conservationist of Hasiru Usiru, an NGO, opined, “Efforts to retain as many trees as possible should be made. There have not been enough proactive measures to protect trees. For instance, the Environment Impact Assessment Study (EIA) of BMRC initially mentioned 412 trees that would be felled for the project. The figure was subsequently increased to 700 and then to 1,100. As a green activist, I am not convinced by the rationale involved.”26042007055.jpg