girlpower.jpgHow do you feel when you are the “Lover for the Moment”? Or how do you feel when you found the “Lover for the Moment”?

I could not pull my gaze away from them.
Both seem to be glimpsing their own reflections.
I, especially, liked the boy in White shirt and Khakis.
He is staring out of the window onto the street. I followed him.
A stream of cars came to a halt, stuck in a traffic jam.
Carrying strangers. Most have faces with no expression.
A few are restless, milling around the lanes of their thoughts.
With a promise of returning to the reality.
Each one is oblivious to the people around playing their music.
If they look at us, I think, we look the same to them.
A low hum, slowly, is filling the air. Perhaps, thoughts of mine are colliding with someone’s.
As if, two different worlds crashed through a glass door.
Suddenly, both the boys broke into a Paul Simon song* in the car.
The boy in white shirt and khakis has a cigarette in his right hand, his elbow resting on the edge of the window, poised.
He briefly stared at the smoke lazily curling towards up the impenetrable wall hanging in the breeze.
He frowned a little on the fierce sunlight, which is beating upon his closely shaven smooth face.
A handsome face with deep-set eyes that would have flashed an unkindly smile at many young women.
It would have made them desperate to be drawn to the world of passion.
As spread, indolently, by his shoulders, rested against the cushions of the cane chair.
 This does not seem to be enough. I want to visit the evening where my thoughts have begun.
I am like this curious tourist suppressing her loneliness under an unwitting smile.
Then they appear like a glimmer of hope.
The young boy and his girl in a narrow skirted flower print gown.
Both are walking along a gravel path, with flowery hedges lining the sides, arms around each other’s waists and shoulders, locked so tightly that it may leave marks of pain on the skin under.
Their lips are loosely pressed together, not tightly clamped.
They gave me a sense of defiance towards the world. Of having conquered the world for a moment.
As she turns back to look at me, the fading sunlight slides across her face, shadowing her eyes, and her fuller lips. A vaguely familiar smile creeps onto my face as I see myself in his arms.
It would always be the same dimly lit street-corner, I will wake out of my dream in a chair outside the restaurant.
The old song in the car comes back to the end.

{I love to split my time between “love-starved desert lands” where the clock slows down and “love-stung grasslands” where the clock races through….To Abhi. To him who I hate to love to maintain a thick layer of silence.To myself, a love-struck fool , a fenuvian spirit, who gets hurt shamelessly by a few men time & again – A birthday gift!}