“I fish

because I love to;

because I love the environs

where trout are found;


trout do not lie or cheat

but respond

only to endless patience;

because there are no telephones

on trout waters; because

only in the woods

can I find solitude 

without loneliness;

because maybe someday

                I will catch a mermaid”

{John Voelker – Testimonial of a fisherman}

This is a Press Campaign for Chevrolet. The brand is proud to help the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation in its efforts to restore natural habitat so that everything living there can be healthy once more. For years, the brand supported B.A.S.S, Operation BASS, the WATER Foundation and Urban forestry groups that have planted over 200,000 trees. The Foundation also worked hard to provide cars and trucks that are more fuel-efficient (these days, almost all Global major brands endorse GREEN TECHNOLOGY, Honda Promotes WATER TECHNOLOGY) and environmentally responsible.

{I reproduced the body copy of the campaign here, it’s quite an old campaign done by the brand. And I am sure the brand would have sustained its efforts in similar kinds of projects that would breathe in more humanistic way of living into the brand core. I need to scan the original press campaign in the book. Trout waters flow with  certain attitude!}   

I found this insightful journey into a human mind, we always long to take, when I was mentally masturbating (a lovely replacement term we use when we are ideating) over a brand.

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