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I noticed that this video is not available. No worries, dear folks, simple! watch Mulholland Drive and go deeper into the Pandora Box…Alok may get upset with me.

Now, I ruminate… 

She placed a portrait of herself at a table in the corner.
It looks like a painting of a lonely woman. Seems like
an invitation card that is slipped under the doorstep gently
for someone sleeping in the bed. There was no knock on
the door, and the feet turned away from the steps.
With no regret.

Does anyone know, whether she is silenced
by the world, or she silenced the world? The sun light
is low on her unruly hair, and the wind is reluctant to play
notes. You are struck by her black silhouette, by her long
no nonsense cool stare, the silk shawl moving up and down
with her breath, and her tiny fingers drumming the table.
There is a trail of breadcrumbs on her palm.

Take a long drag on a cigarette, longer than necessary, and tell me
how do you like to break the silence about her? How many
pieces of silence do you gather from her? Do you think she
would talk to you? Would she feel a loss of control ?
You cannot ignore her. She is unavoidable.
I think, if you speak to her it may change things in the coffee bar.
That stranger who just made crude move into the bar, would
join the nervous crowd soon. Holding his breath like them,
waiting to hear her. The evening is here, you still here too,
staring at the corner. She is still there, just where she was.
Murmuring some vague song that none of us can really understand.  

People with skeptical eye may say “those who we interact with online are not the big priority in our lives. One can easily play around with their emotions. One can walk away with no explanation. One can be ruthless with words. One can be maddeningly silent….” I do not agree with this note at all. I loved each and every moment of being with this “Fourth space”, cherished every moment and every interaction. And, everyday, I find self more beautiful and more meaningful human. Extending my thank you note to a few outstanding bloggers…..who I love interacting with & now there’s Contrarian!

R (my little daddy), Alok , Ant, Shadows, PI, Rakesh, Gaurav , Barb and a few others!