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Let’s move over to the high-adrenaline fever that is poised to grip the universe…Just Do It baby! The Great Indian way! 

Nike, captured Cricket – Indians’ passionate religion in its beautifully realistic view of the life. The true avataar of “Cricket” in India emerges in those narrow gullies & nukkads of Indian cities and towns. Beating out the dirt, the grime and the chaotic existence, the sport thrives on Indian roads, while strategically ignoring many a kind of resistance that comes from every corner, it displays a human exuberance in the country….it’s the loudness, the crowds, the cheer, the broken windows, the sweat flowing down the bodies under the scorching sun, the winning stroke, the loud applause from the ”fence-sitting world around…..this is India.This is Cricket. excellent musical score from Goa forms a vibrant backdrop…this reflects the in-depth study of Nike – how cricket is played and celebrated in India, everyday, every moment? {JWT Mumbai is behind this campaign and this gorgeous beauty is rated amongst the Top 5 Nike Ads worldwide!}  

{Link:It is in the heartlands of India.” In this cricket-crazy nation, one will find kids and young boys playing cricket on rooftops, terraces, ‘galis’ (small lanes), virtually anywhere. According to JWT executives, these young kids are not dissuaded by any obstacles and play cricket the way they want to….”Balcony ball dena…”}