lemon.jpgI sat on the floor watching
her crying out to something that I could not see.
The stars and moon are shining warmly upon her cheeks stained with tears.
She growled softly. Her whole body trembled once again as a fresh stream of grief gushed in from somewhere.
Everything is still in the room. The old paint coat on the walls is peeling off in strips.
A great crisis still beats over her paralyzed heart. If she talks to someone, it might reduce.
Her arms and legs look twisted at limpid angles, like birds in flight in the agitated skies.
Suddenly, she lifted her face in dried patchwork of tears.
A craggy landscape in the shrouded grey foggy mists!
Her eyes deeply are threaded with thin veins of red after a long episode of sadness.
With her fingers curled around a cigarette, she whispered to me in her husky voice,
I want someone to hug me.  I feel like I am always losing.
Remember how their eyes glowed gently, when my body comforted them.
How they felt soothed after listening to my voice.
How they trembled softly under their skin when I hugged them.
Now they belong to the chapters that I prefer not to read.
And I am left alone, wandering the streets, avoiding certain windows.
Loneliness has no words.
You have to feel it.  

And in the silence, I try to forget you, my young lover.
Sit here feeling empty and wait for it – 
A fresh throng of pain to fill my reveries.   
Loneliness has no words. You have to feel it.  

…..would I have not a heart, that I would not know tears. 
would I have not a brain that I would know not when I loved in vain

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