smiled at like that. I gave him a big smile back and felt a little rush of joy. My body needed this, my heart needed this. It feels so nice to come out and walk amidst people bathing in warm autumn sun. I am not at feeling well, very sick at heart as well as at my knees. I have a flight to catch, but I am reluctant. I could not focus on my work, walked out of my work place to breathe in fresh air and to get a few DVDs…perhaps, I need to perk up myself. Rajeev said, “Jyo, just take a break babe. you look so sick. why do not you catch up with a few movies…” I entered the place, and never expected a big smile from a stranger who is selecting a few movies for his couch-evening. He said, “watch this The Barbarian Invasions” -It reads… A funny look at all the things that invade our livesbarbarian.jpg . How true, my little world was invaded a few days ago, just to reach a point of deliberate humiliation! After a day long suffering in my bed, I felt happy again …strangers made me feel comforted, with their kind gestures, and kind words. I feel my pain had leaked out onto my face and the whole world around had seen it and trying its best to make me feel better…..

{link:The Barbarian Invasions}…Academy award winner for Best Foreign language film, is a compelling story about a witty, opinionated, yet narrow-minded history professor who is on the deathbed, and it moves quickly to delieneate the idealism of older generation {which is more hedonistic and self-indulgence) and its influence on the younger generation (sexually constrained, yet working towards materialistic success and family bonding that they had never felt in their childhood).…the history professor is at the finale to celebrate his lust for life! …read into the dialogues, “the history of mankind is the history of horrors”, the dying professor could spew statistics of atrocities : 50,000 killed in the battle of Gettyburg, 20 mln chinese camps, 10 mln in Russian Gulags, Gulf war+Vietnam war+ others gather the total up to 130-135 mln in the 20th century, but still is lower than 150 mln deaths in Latin America in the 16th century. But, the historical significance of this century is the barbarians are able to hit at the heart of the empire -as reflected in the senses-numbing collapse of  WTC Towers…

His last days are his days of reckoning, of coming to terms with the sexual liberation he indulged in, which had a devastating influence on his family – wife, son and daughter. It’s wonderful to watch the transition, his estranged son, an investment banker, goes through from being reluctant to caring, and how adeptly he manipulates the system, buying everything from healthcare to heroin, to make the phase – Moribund  pleasant an experience to his father. He strives, while maintaining a calm and controlled demeanor, to reunite his father with his hedonistic group of friends who neglected their families in their own way, and are grieving silently over drug-addicted children and broken relationships. Despite this sad state of affairs of life, the humor strips through the proceedings as the group of oldies recalls excitingly the skirt-chasing days, the delirious fantasy-filled nights *Remy says – All my life I went to bed with the most gorgeous women in the world. As I became old, all my women deserted me”*,*the banter stays firm among the old boys -say a wisecrack at the group-mate’s younger wife , *Her breasts outweigh her brain, the amount of blood they need drain the brain.It’s physiological* …his mistresses & friends remain  vociferous in their demands, *the last thing I want is a limp-dicked sentimentalist*…the classic tussle between the old and young forms the foundation for the brewing hatred within the walls, with the professor-dad earnestly believing that his son like the present generation is radically different (the worse version, of course) from him and is useless  playing video games, instead of reading a book…he journeys from a critical view of his son as  “someone who is ambitious puritanical capitalist, while he always stayed as a sensual socialist”,  …to the moment at the serene lakeside when he holds his son tight and says….”I would like you to have as fine a son as you!” How humans struggle with the sense of loss, how much someone will be missed is palpable in the cottage, at the final supper time till the Final Goodbye. But what Natalie, the girl who is addicted to drugs, says to the professor stayed with me strong..”it’s not the present you cling to. It’s your past life. That life’s already dead“….Roger Ebert reviews this brilliant film

Just leaving a thought : The older generation seemed to have read or interacted with or witnessed “Separatists”, “Sovereignists”, “Supporters of Independentilists”, “Maoists”, “Existentialists”, “Trotshyists”, “Situationalists”, “Feminists”, “Deconstructionists”, “Marxists”, “Leninists” etc etc..what we, the younger generation, reading or interacting with…”Terrorists”, “Opportunists”, “Escapists”..with no idealogy? or those who fake some idealogy, but run away from the scene when it comes down to tangibalise it?