me.jpgI sneak across blank spaces,
and spiral through crowded
coffee houses, eavesdropping
on the pointless conversations.
I twitch my nose at the talk
of shallow hearts, and roll up  
in thick rings of smoke over
the boisterous emotions. I carry
a dark heart, deep wounds sucking
on the empty promises. 

I walk on!

Like it or not, I play sugary smiles 
over my petulant lips, and squirm  
at the sweat breaking in the fine 
layers of salt in my palms. I tuck 
comfortably in the warm quilts 
of strangers and I breast-feed my lonely 
heart with the faceless human pieces.

I walk on. With relationships that never existed!

I walk on, as the nebulous dreams
swarm overhead like glimmering
clouds, bare shoulders huddle over
the infinite voids, I wander back
to the broken petals in my garden.
My hollow world!”

Oh, it’s dirty a scrawl. It halts after a few steps forward and looks back at me. Damn it! it smirks, mauls and talks to me in a sheepish manner. My eyes narrow. I easily identify it as jealousy that flows through the corners and hollow spaces of my body, contours around, reaching up, unclasping its  cloak and swings it off my shoulders, … It leaves me growling, letting on to wince with that sweet pain of falling in love, it’s like a duet in the opera. I found love this moment and lost it next moment. I am still snuggled in the warmth of a long and weary night (it was freezing with loneliness), I hold you closer, in the pale shadows of the courtyard. The sweetest rendition of what I feel for you pulls me back into unreality… It flows like the brook that murmurs in from the forest as I ran to greet you out of the pale shadows of my heart. Under another dark sky, on a perfect night, I think of you without guilt and regret. Nobody feels any pain.