{link:Paul Valery said … if gaze were to work, streets would be full of pregnant women and dead bodies}
Eves are talking to the streets and trying to create an illusionary revolution. That they are anxious to educate the balancers, i.e. men, about their right to move around as freely as birds take wing and sing through life…enjoy a languorous
 walk through the streets of life…..well, I appreciate and respect that basic human need. But, I probe – do we really have to create an awareness programme to reinforce this amongst the target segment who seemed to pose some unnecessary disturbances to our lives? Instead of adapting a slew of  defense mechanisms like distributing pamphlets/paper based materials and “you stared at me.I will stare at you till you cringe back against the wall” or other kinds of time-tested materials….


This kind of human generated noise needs a well-deserved treatment. But before that as I amused at Rohit’s …When would we feel offended by what is said or unsaid by who and with which level of intensity? Let’s be honest, when would we feel thrilled or jump over that said or unsaid invitation by a male within what ratio of feigned irritation and suppressed excitement? It’s so unpredictable….it varies from situation to situation, by the hour, by the type of gazer, by the kind of emotional surge or twists or turmoil one would be going through during that specific moment….isn’t it? {link:we discussed this at length at Retributions.} eve-teaser.jpg

So we want to be different. So we want to make men feel stupid. So we felt embarrassed by their stare power and we desire to make them feel so. Right? most of us are armed with this technological communication device called “Mobile phones”, which these days are featuring a value-added built-in mechanism, “Camera”…when this noise is created by a man around you, appreciate him with a smile and take his snap using the aforementioned. Like this, we build the database of “Eve-Teasers :Street Noise makers”. *yea, if you dnot have “Camera Mobile Phones”, Fake it, baby, Fake it! n gloat over the live amusement you managed to create around through scaring away that victim of yours …. 

Then, we can approach the local newspaper/daily to create a column  “EVE TEASER OF THE WEEK” ..run this for some 6 months, explode this to the outdoor medium, bill boards. Show me, one man who would take immense delight to see his face beaming at the world from the slot “EVE TEASER OF THE WEEK”? Make this campaign “Talk of the town”, create shock value and furore around it!then measure the results after 6 months..sounds workable? Different? MEASURABLE! I feel, this is a lot more result-oriented, provocative, aggressive a move than distributing paper-based materials. Most times, we read them or throw them in those poisedly staring corners, i.e. bins… 

n what we have here? oh boy, a great marketing opportunity for Nokias, SonyE’s of the world!