…It came. And sat by my side. Caressed my face.

Its fingers felt so cold like the breeze outside, but are soft.
It kissed my head wrapped in a silk scarf.

In the dead of night when ghostly shadows whizz along the streets.  

I stared at the tag around its slender neck.

It says “Won’t you Kiss me? We have so many things to do. But before that…”, 
I searched for the words. They were hidden away somewhere. Who hid them? 
Newborn year. It came to me carrying a heavy suitcase.

I have to kiss it. But before that….

I ran to the door. To find a few words to tell the old year good-bye.

I could not find it. Midnight blues overwhelmed me.

A wispy layer of introspection rose around me. 

Have I treated it well ? Have I celebrated it whole-heartedly? 

Had it seen a better face of me? Had it seen a NEW & IMPROVED and a MORE FORTIFIED version of me?

{Language of brands}

Had it seen a more stable person in me? 

So many messages it left for me on the wall. To be read.

Unread messages are like those dry leaves and twigs lay between the pages of a book.

Naked, yet fuller-bodies. Of Memories.

Newborn year touched my hand. It looked hesitantly and said “I am hungry”.

I did not know what I could give it. I could give it a cup of coffee and cookies. A chocolate.

So we had Coffee, Cookies and Chocolate. I told many stories over my cup of coffee.

The fun I had with the old year. A few new friends we found near the fence.

As old friends waited for my hug at the coffee parlour.

As my old lover fondled my breasts. On a winter evening.

I showed it a picture of the quilt factory, the old year and I, ran throughout.

We branded our quilts WARMTH and COMFORT.

It smiled at me. Said it loves me more than the world outside. 

It wanted to sleep for a while in the couch. I could not sleep.

The fire-place of my heart crackled with many faces, and sparked alive with warm memories.

The Old year had gone. 

Leaving the fragrance of heady a mix of spring-summer-monsoons-winter/autumn.

Left a kiss for me on the fence and a message that rustled softly with the breeze….

“Dear girl…..we both had great a fun.I found you a lot more stable, well-grounded and lovelier than the point I met you for the first time ever in my life. I found you crying less and less (*these days, tissues are being used to cleanse off dirt in the car, damn you!}, coming to terms with the sudden loneliness dawns upon you, especially when you sit in your car, kiss your book Good-Night. I felt your face gathered more calmness. I found no wrinkles of frustration on your face. As your close friends said, you have become more a beautiful human and stronger than them. A better human. ..

… time to thank{link: my little daddy Overnight,discreetly,very quietly!…..}n I shared great moments with this {link:champ} , this {link:champ}, this {link:brooding mind in the book corner}, this {link: mug of coffee}, this {link:slithering reptile } ..And with him* {who I write to every day, every night….}

My lips brush against its cold cheeks, January lips, smelling of a dewy fresh morning.



…. The fire in leaf and grass

so green it seems

each summer the last summer

The wind blowing, the leaves

shivering in the sun,

each day the last day.

Each minute the last minute…..{Denise  Levertov}

*colour code :Pleasant Purple shade.

Mumbai here I come again. {link:One more poetic surge  on your streets, the sea, love drenched evenings……..} damn it!