silence.jpg“I stand near the window breathing the moment,
feeling the warmth seeped through your note,
memory of your ardent kisses haunts me again,
a pleasant evening, a cold wind teases me
whispering your name through the trees,
as I fought the urge to run back into your arms.

Dark shadows race across the porch to play
havoc with me, fertile black clouds to tuck me
in their gloomy embrace, oh this night!
I exhale you repeatedly; gather tales of
longing, thin reminders of desire from the
corners of a long and weary night!

I would hold you closer, the pale shadow of my heart,
till a fresh zephyr breaks in to carry the
specter of my loneliness back to you,
a response to a mute correspondence!”

{link:Je veux entrer le silence partagé} Hush…..

“….In hushed silence,
I watched the celebration 
of unspoken words patching 
the calamity between our hearts….”

“I wonder why his gaze darted away?
I wonder why reluctance replaced eagerness?”

I remained in hushed silence, to watch the journey of a lonely lark flying over the hostile lands…Robin Alter said, a lovely tug of war between opposites and however small, the word “patching” makes all the difference to me, it seems like the perfect image for two lovers repairing a relationship and attempting to heal still tender wounds. …

AND THAT’S HOW I LOSE PEOPLE IN LIFE! {it’s such inexplicable a pain even if it lasts a moment. It crushes one under its heavy iron feet!}well, that’s too harsh a conclusion I am drawing for myself on this wooden table. Perhaps, I am unable to capture the early chirpings of the influential role, those whims-n-  fancies and subjective obstructions as brought in by the other person….so there I stood, all alone, all by myself, watching the long winding road, carrying traces of some faint and wispy trails of dust ….SILENCE! Just in time,{link: Advice from Pushkin}


Nobody knows heartache like Mary J. knows heartache…she walks like a woman, she sings like a woman…