Have you ever drifted in and around 
the Millipede’s world?
Tell me, does it quiver like a fragile dew-drop?

Can you tell me how does it feel to live in a world    
that snuggles on a tree? 
that slithers on and blends with the fallen leaves?  
that spins a lonely journey in black and brown tiles 
towards some unknown destination?

Is it true that the world takes a long break on the sun-drenched bench in
the Millipede’s  world?

Have you ever met this world near that road-side cafe?    
Can you tell me how does it introduce itself to one, 
which is known to give a ticket for a bumpy ride to the flesh?  
Or is it just one more foolish trip that we humans embark upon  
when we receive a simple and gentle note from it?

Then, tell me who is superior ? The wonderful Millipede or the Human? Does it really matter? 

More on Millipede….Am entangled in the spell of yarn called “existence” {Work, darlings!} and nurturing  an unattainable intention to extricate self from the snarls,crawls,overcrowded tracts and wrinkles-friendly grimaces….umm, humor at its worst. I know..will charge self with boosters and come back soon with my reviews on Turgenev’s FAUST, Marcel Proust’s Swann’s Way…till then find me light & active at Rohit’s….my Third Space! ……tell me why does the world come to a standstill when one is in love?