benches_digi_sm.jpg{link:I met them}…. mind is the key, way it melts away the world in its own mould. I continue….….

“…The brown dog watching the world goes by, his
head lying on the dusty ground, his eyes meditating
over the chaotic life humans lead.

The old man at the traffic junction, a crazy child of life perched on
his rickety old cycle, reminiscently playing a song of mild winter on his 
mouth organ, wobbled his feet to the pitch, oblivious to the world around

The little child dwarfed in his oversized trousers, pulled a halt and
then hurried through the hard road between his home and school,with 
his sister, trailed his little fist along the wall to the joyous beat of his heart.

I see them so clearly wish I could touch them.

How long will they, do you think, remain alone?”

In life, such an adorable complication, nothing lasts forever. But a few gentle images leave an impact on us in an unassumingly simple way. I could not hear the tune my dear woody old man was playing on his mouth organ, some tune that has the potential to tug at frozen hearts like mine *well, mine is not so frozen!..But he stood there as an image of serenity. I was amazed by his verve, his stance towards the world, as if he does not belong to the idiotic world I exist. UNBELONG! Would I ever be able to place my palm on his soft, withering and gnarled skin? Would I ever be able to meet life in his failing eyes ? My dear woody old man has not got much time left! Will I meet him again? I am not so sure about the incidence, but I regret that I left him there. I could not even turn back to have one more glimpse of him, a lovely human being….Nevertheless,I am glad that I still have a heart that beats for all these amazing vignettes of life, which I stumble upon  in the streets and I wish it would remain the same!    

Life is not just about big achievements, great presentations, fabulous conversations, compelling strategies and reading thinkers & feel a morsel of that universe. ..but it’s all about little gestures!Finally, I got a wrap- a sense of fulfillment around myself today morning, when the nip in the air was busy shedding down its maturity! he could not do anything but to follow his friend who suddenly dashed off to the other side of the road leaving him *all alone. One had to see his eyes, those beautiful eyes in the tiniest fraction of second became pools of sadness. He looked at me, who was exploring many ways of parking the car stylishly (suppressing a giggle). While one side of the MG road stayed reluctantly inactive for a while enough to gather momentum, the other side started bustling with the breakfast time traffic…I approached him and in some felt language made him understand  my genuine desire to help him out of the situation  so that he could go back to prancing around with his mate around the boulevard..oh, his mate was waiting for him over there!ah, the state of predicament between the human and a generous living thing….Gods must be crazy, finally, he trusted me and did agree to listen to me, and there we went…we both successfully crossed the road, with the human’s hand waving fervently at other humans riding varied vehicular moves …I turned back this time and he was looking at me with his friendly tail smiling….my dear brown doggie! I  walked back to my car like a cow-girl…work it out, work it out baby! But I had the “time of my life”! Good, I am getting better! many dogs get crushed under fast moving vehicles….