me1.jpgI have not forgotten this.

People moved in uninvited.
Surprised or excited,
I could not ask them why they came.

They set up home inside my dreams.
Uncertain, I was again, about their schemes.
There were no doors around me,
Nevertheless, they walked out of them later.

On dark nights, when the world was hushed.
They crept out of the bed, 
as if someone called them.
They moved in the silent streets, where 
the trees stood bare, exposed to gray air.

Loaded with no lamentation,
their shadows followed them on the wall.
They carried a few things with them.

The smell of my skin. The touch of my body.
The quiver of my lips.
A few gentle words I held for them in my closet.

A silent terror.
Hopeless trysts of this kind 
fell so tenderly on my neck in the chilling air.

I have not forgotten this.

People moved out unnoticed.
Surprised or saddened, 
I could not tell why they came.

*Am not competent enough to drive my frail energies into the dark corridors of one’s mind. But felt no harm in attempting a hop…am thanking MAX sir for being such an adorable mentor. I am amused over the way he chided me for the clumsy-clunky-ill-formed verbiage earlier {well, gave it a high profile make-over!}. Ash felt the strength of this poem lies in the simplicity of its style and the directness of its thoughts. Monica was of the opinion that this poem had me in its grip right from the start and carried me forward till the end. I loved what Mr Ahmed said the most…it was encouraging!” Open and unpretentious! the underlying sentiment of ambivalence and doubt (perhaps even self doubt) of not quite knowing why someone came into your life and more importantly why he left finds an echo in me…also reminded me of the song “Mera Kucch Saaman” from the movie Ijaazat. Could have been terser (as said by Fred n Raju), but then take that with a pinch as it’s a fleetingly impressionistic remark…umm, I say, am flattered! 

And *he says, people never leave us and our lives. They stay silent for a while, just to tap at the door again like a fresher season lingers past!But what happens if we’d changed our robes in which we used to converse with them. Would they be allowed to live with us even after that?