“The Cog” Commercial : No camera tricks involved.Took 606 takes. A combined result of 2 productions (it looks seamless). No computer graphics. All real as it happened. Tyres can really roll uphill if you add weights to them and balance them just so. Music is Sugar Hill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight”. The tagline is read by Garrison Keillor of “A Prairie Home Companion” and “Lake Wobegon” fame.  Rube Goldberg setup- a famous wacky cartoonist and his wacky inventions that made a simple task tedious. The most elaborate Rube Goldberg device one’s ever seen set to film, all made entirely of car parts.

Dig The Way Things go”: The ultimate Rube Goldberg type film

Read on….The Way Things Go: it sounds intriguing as a title, but as it turns out, it is slightly misleading. In my mind, “the way things go” implies some explanation, some insight into why machines function or why reactions happen the way they do. However, that’s not the case: this short film would more aptly have been titled “Things Happen Without Explanation.” The Way Things Go (original title: Der Lauf der Dinge) is a thirty-minute piece that presents a series of Rube Goldberg contraptions involving simple items like chairs, tires, balloons, bottles, and ropes, in which a single initial impetus leads to some effect that in turn causes another effect, and so on down the line. The sequence of events isn’t quite random; rather, the film progresses through demonstrating various types of reactions. We start with kinetic reactions: objects spinning, falling, rolling, and pushing other objects on down the line. read on *downloaded content.Click on to read The way things go