200px-mrsdallowaycover.jpg{Link :….an emptiness }about the heart of life. Your excitement of finding Clarissa at her home again is fated to be short-lived. Oh! Where is that Clarissa who plunged into life? She who you are with in this attic is secluded and lonely, pondering over the absence of communication and sexual intimacy in her married life.

Do man and woman grow apart emotionally after having had the closest *physical intimacy  underneath the sheets in Marriage? After that initial euphoric wave, do both the bodies remain seemingly content with almost predictable an existence? even if either one of them does an attempt, still it would be looked at with a stare of resentment, does that mean that the entry point had seen a much higher level of expectations, which were not met by the actual delivery, or it’s just that plain bare longevity factor ? Do most cease to be lovers and settle down as a man and woman sharing the space? Alternatively, after having reached a point of no return, do most couples come to terms with the void or the emptiness and share the resultant solitude? *Am I projecting more a pessimistic side of a married life? or as a single woman trying to portray the other side of   a wall that I still have not seen, but justifying it with a veil of sarcasm?     

Through a conscious jog through her memory lanes, you meet Sally Seton…she sat on the floor with her arms round her knees, smoking a cigarette…and  Clarissa’s stifled homosexual love for her, which evolves from a girl’s admiration…someone who is unconventional, who tries to revolt against the norms? Something infinitely exquisite like a sudden kiss by Sally, the crispness of the moment stays firmly etched in her heart as the ultimate sexual experience she would have ever felt.

We maintain complete indifference to others when we are in love. Despite being aware of it and disliking our behavior through, we remain so. Can a woman or man have a relationship with her/his husband without enjoying much sexual intimacy?

Clarissa had leant forward, taken his hand, drawn him to her, kissed him..she sat back at ease with him, light-hearted, all in a clap it came over her, If I had married him, this gaiety would have been mine all day!…take me with you, she thought impulsively, as if he were starting directly upon some great voyage…. Reflects her longing for Peter, who criticizes her for being so driven to be the perfect hostess, to be the cynosure of bridge parties and other social gatherings. Peter who feels that she makes him suffer, tortures him so infernally and wonders how she still had the power to make his heart wince and move him back swiftly to their youthful days. Tell me, seizing her by the shoulders, are you happy Clarissa?…clearly shows that unexpressed yet understood emptiness in her married life. Though the moment between them faces a silent death, its passion radiates with the same intensity throughout. His tendency to play with his pocketknife symbolizes repressed sexual urges towards Clarissa. it all seemed so useless – going on being in love; going on quarrelling; going on making it up, and he wandered off alone…the devilish part of her – this coldness, this woodenness, an impenetrability, some queer power of fiddling on one’s nerves….turning one’s nerves to fiddle-strings  ….

We endorse transparency in a relationship, but also are obsessed with that element of mystery, the unknowableness of the other person. Why so? Is transparency a myth and mystery is the key?

My little head drowned in those deep tresses poses : So Promiscuity in thoughts is the legitimate affair as executed by the heart, while the body continues its struggle to remain loyal to that well-defined format called Marriage? 

section purplised : my interpretation. I want this review to be a full-fledged case study*oh,how do I  shoo away the Advertising creature in me? Work In Progress. The italicized content represents the sentences I underlined in my book…