“Faint creases
crawled across the bed

fresh scribblings
drawn below my lines

veined flower
disturbed in the pages

pale pinkish stain
left behind on the pen

mud-scented dust
rustled near bed-legs

willowy fragrance
climbing the walls

Had she come into
my room?
Had my love died
so soon?”
Had she delivered
the farewell note as a ripened kiss?”

**certainly not inspired by ColdPlay’s “Yellow”, but by autumn. If we consider autumn as the season when things wither and die, and spring is the season that enables us to see fresher developments, ala, buds etc…
“Yellow death
Green birth
which colour would the cries be in?”
…everything here is alive,
working at something,
fulfilling itself
without thought of my patience….”
what happens when a sensitive heart attempts to seduce the sudden burst of emptiness trickling around those tiny fingers? a delicate affair that mutes the world,a deep silence pervades. I tried to follow Neruda’s minimalism, tracing the girl’s footsteps who had left a goodbye note to him and the realisation of it cutting deep into the walls of his room….I never wanted to bring in the linear format of background-process-outcome to this delicate beauty, but wanted to leave this to the reader’s imagination. But appeared to have failed to come to grips with the true “perceptive intensity” of audience …., but the “uninvited disturbance” factor!  the boy though he hates the way his girl disturbs everything, but smiles over that “uninvited disturbance”, which is so unique of her {mirrors her foot-prints). But never had expected the “defining moment” (goodbye note) would come in the same attire, the stain left behind by her lips over the pen, her mischievous hand disturbing the sleep of a dry flower…both Ash and Max sir liked the stark minimalistic quality…both felt that the vivid imagery, a hint of sensuality and a melancholic tone gives the piece layers of meaning that, somehow, broaden the appreciation….