‘The suspended pain
crawls through
my fingers
carving life,
the stream of
unconvinced fragments
of my heart
under which tree
shall I lay them to rest?’………

with such bitter pain I long for,
bloom those memories when I yearn,
fade behind the layers when I cry,
wishing to be unseen, would they waft
fragrance to me again, will my tree murmur
soft again in the spring rains?

David sir said : this is a case where an image with with poem enhances one’s reading of the poem –the fingers (in poem) seem like the tree branches (in the image) . . “unconvinced fragments” is an unusual construction but it manages I think to communicate its meaning — true too of the final couplet, which mildly flaunts grammar but communicates. Poetry can (I’d say) take far more liberties about grammar than, usually, can prose.  unconvinced fragments” seems to suggest something like “fragments of doubt”.

That pain is  suspended” (as if not active, or as if suspended in time, or as if particles suspended in blood, as if a bird suspended in flight or a thought suspended or the suspense of a sentence) — suspended can be dissolved in suspension, or it can be non-active but still extant. That the pain “carves” life is similarly ambiguous. Does it carve away at life, or does it carve — like in an etching — and bring life about (the life of an image) thereby? It seems that the life that is “carved” is a life of the heart, which may necessitate pain’s crawl-through-fingers. The poem’s language has enough complexity, as to defy easy analysis. *Dew-drenched morning in Mount
Abu as captured by Vicky.