“Love-drought bodies lay on the couch.
Every whisper, every thought of hers
only his body could decipher.
Every murmur, every thought of his
only her body could learn.

Something he wishes her to say,
something she wishes him to do.
Oh!a wish for a wish that would be no word

Fingers move languorously weaving a plot,
eyes follow the trail fingers blaze in
to find themselves at dead end,seems
a curtain-raiser for an encounter

She rises and reaches forth her hand to him,
his lips rekindles fire on her fragrant fingers
her heart accentuates trembling a lyre with his,

Serpentine desire rises from lips, glided to feet,
Passion-stung bodies shudder with delight!”
A different rendition that I liked…..

 ………The world
under a mild warm light
nudged, coiled and uncoiled.

………The song
between our fingers
peeled, rippled and cascaded.

………The time
on our clammy skins
shimmered, tripped and fell.

Alone and aware.

Winged reptile.Trembling.Sad eyed,
naked shoulders ran back across the
swampy lands of desire.

I shuddered awake
from another

thus,We encounter strangers in our journeys.We remain fragile.They remain cold.We are so small between the stars and against the sky. We look so lost among the crowds. I am glad to see your face. And I try to catch your eye.  But you look distant!